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Space tourism rant 

Mega rich tell you to buy an electric car and recycle cuz climate change and then shoot rockets into space to give other rich people a space "tour". What's the MPG of that rocket? Can it be thrown into recycling?

Two unrelated things I finally got around to figuring out that changed my life already:

- Make MS Outlook be plain-text. Holy shit the nightmare of copying some fancy text from a web page and having Outlook try to colorize it or whatever is finally over
- Use emacs Version Control commands to handle git instead of opening a shell each time and manually doing `git commit` and `git push`, etc.

These took little time/effort but, I reiterate, I am lazy

Shocking! Mastodon whistleblower reveals executives pursued “awoos for tweens” while suppressing evidence of the grave threat to society it posed

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Mechanical keyboard enthusiasts are the most annoying and pretentious community I've ever encountered

"Don't ever get cherry mx blacks they're so scratchy its like nails on a chalkboard they literally trigger cluster headaches"

I don't think the problem is the keyboard

Observation on Facebook user experience 

Seeing how poorly Facebook implements CW is amusing. You can't flag something as potentially offensive yourself so they rely on (I presume) some sort of overly-complex AI/ML to do it automagically and so far when I've seen it, it's always been completely wrong. I've seen actual misinformation BS fly by undetected and just now someone posted one of those "believe in yourself!!" positivity quote things and it just got flagged.

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I used to write Amazon reviews for things I found to work well with Linux (e.g. laptops, Wifi NICs, etc) but for some reason my account got banned from writing reviews years ago although up until then some of my reviews were rated fairly high as being "helpful." If I get around to it I may try blogging reviews instead if anyone would give a shit? I got this little $200 netbook thing from Best Buy I've been pleased with and wanna write up something about it (netbooks are basically unicorns in 2021, I couldn't believe it wasn't a Chromebook)

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Am I the only nerd who doesn't have an irrational hatred of Javascript?

Is there any way to just apply a single available patch with syspatch on ? Hoping to just install '018_cert' and worry about the others when I can do a reboot later

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Whatever your feelings on Perl as a language and ecosystem, CPAN was a great idea. For all its warts, a distributed, comprehensive package repo that strongly encourages documentation and tests is amazing.

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Hi all: this account is in hybernation after #Gab functionally left the #fediverse, but wanted to wake it from slumber to note that all your work got noticed in a new ISD Report.

"There is precedent for open source communities to push back against those who seek to use their tools to promote hate speech. One such case is Mastodon, an open source social media community which has waged a long-running war of attrition against an influx of far-right users from Gab – a war which, as of December 2020, they appear to have won."

Before you ask "yeah but what about side-fumbling??" just watch it all the way through, it's really pretty obvious and straight-forward

I've never used dark theme in my life why does it turn dark grey on this one tab??

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omfg safari just updated and now it's like copying the new Firefox UI or some shit why the fuck would God let this happen?? PROTECT GNOME WEB (aka Epiphany)

yo mama joke 

Yo mama so stupid when she heard about investing in crypto she bought Verisign stock

Thoughts on "Generations" 

I know all of the talk about "generations" is bullshit but still I resent Gen-Z getting labeled "the first digital natives" like as a young Millenial I wasn't stalking my crushes on Myspace to try to get their AIM screennames.

I was there!!


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