@fluffy I like the AMD Polaris GPUs, enough performance for me and there's some reasonable deals on eBay

I noticed that Ruby support in OpenBSD is decent and TIL its maintainer is Jeremy Evans:


I think that's neat. Happy Friday everyone!

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everybody stop slacking me screenshots of your terminal output challenge 2021

The Amico has got to be the only system I’ve heard of that released launch titles but no console yet. What the eff

@foreverxml "Just when you think you're out... they pull ya back in!!"

@foreverxml Maybe they're carrying on their important work of boosting dank toots now that the gab isolation mission is complete

Any truth to the rumors that TF2 MvM servers out of Ashburn, VA are getting DOS'd?

@JoYo Yeah I was inevitably about to ask the stupid question "so Ye is The??" lol

@fluffy @publius @Moon If it was me I'd be too hungover the next day for an insurrection. I think I'm just too old :psyduck:

Trump's new instance 

@clock Looks like this clock's perfectly sync'd!

I don't have TIME for that BS!

re: Trump's new instance 

@Moon @publius I agree that anyone who disagrees with me is unreasonable 😅

Trump's new instance 

@JoYo It's always someone with no profile pic starting trouble lol.

Idk if it's considered "defederating" but I used the block feature a lot in my early days on the Fediverse but now I think I've pretty much dialed-in a good view of the madness so I don't find myself needing to do that anymore. I consider it my uh, "content catering algorithm"

Trump's new instance 

Just as with Gab a few years back, I'm already seeing the "C'mon guys let's not block them! Let's hear them out and engage in scholarly debate!" drones.

Hard pass. I don't log into Mastodon to debate motherfuckers. I'm here for memes and bitching about techmology amongst like-minded BOFHs.


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Checking if I had "Trump starting a Mastodon server" on my bingo card

@undefinedstargazer @abloo Gah, I'll guess we'll never get that systemd-lilod integration afterall!

@undefinedstargazer @abloo Re: BIOS bootloaders, Slackware ships with LILO and it works fine IMO

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