@specter Well good news, Pappy can stop pretending to be a rapper named "Gucci Mane" now that the gang's all here!!

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Because some folks missed it, despite me trumpeting it everywhere:

"TLS Mastery" is out! Choose between Beastie Edition or Tux Edition -- the only difference is the cover. Or there's the hardcover, with BOTH.

Bezos: amzn.to/3uZ5LAL

B&N: barnesandnoble.com/s/TLS%20Mas

@eletious Kinda preferred working nights to days personally

@JoYo I say this to myself every time I upgrade Firefox

@abloo This may be unrelated (I see no JS either) but it seems you're specifying DOCTYPE as XHTML but you're using things only allowed in HTML, <footer> in particular I think is an HTML 5 thing


Also despite this tool, I still stand by my use of <center> :blobcatcomfy:

Is Microsoft paying folks to make forms like this?? Please just use a regular ass text field. Please just say "Git repo". If they're not sending you some bath water or something you're just simp'ing Evilcorp here for no reason

Was kinda bummed about male pattern baldness but I think it might work about because I seem to be developing more of a Frasier Crane look than a George Costanza (although personality-wise I'm the latter)

Networking Gore? 

@devrandom Jeez... Isn't this kind of a liability to be telling your customers to do stuff like this

@JoYo I feel like I've seen articles like this everyday since the whole thing started

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@rowens @mwlucas The three virtues of great programmers per Larry Wall: laziness, impatience and hubris

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