@specter That's a damn shame. I used to go to a place called The Coffee Scene in the town I grew up in and they had open mic nights and stuff, it was pretty chill. Of course if it was me, I'd drop the 'The'.... Just, CoffeeScene :blobcatsuit:

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@tenornix I've just about given up on drinking, hangovers are just too real for me nowadays :psyduck:

@specter This is literally me in 2 years ago (with no kids somehow)

@specter And that snap sample where the snare would be 🔥🔥

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@swaggboi I did the research and they delivered /exactly/ what was needed and nothing more youtube.com/watch?v=zo5PrWIa1O

@specter you gotta beat that drum! 🥁

Seriously tho this kinda shit makes me long for a simpler time but in reality it’s like shit was just ‘simple’ to me cuz i was a lil shit teenager i guess who was privileged enough to not have shit to stress over. Either way shoutout to Fabo and RIP Shawty Lo 🫡

Alright no CW for this one and i’m sure i’ll lose followers cuz this isnt ‘PC’ or a ‘popular opinion’ but fuck it, i’m just gunna rip off the fuckin bandaid and i’ll be that fucking asshole that says it:

We need to bring back rap songs where the whole song is just about some stupid dance they made up just for the song.

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Announcing #GRIMMCon 0x7, our seventh in a series of FREE VIRTUAL Conferences for the community! We’ll have two tracks, one especially for First Time Speakers who we’ll pair with an expert. Talks will be a mix of tech and personal fun. GRIMM believes in fostering new speakers and inviting them into the cybersecurity community.

May 18, 2022 | 1100-1900 EDT


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@eletious That's a cool story behind the name tho 🤘

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@eletious then you’ll love this: i have a straight edge tattoo on my stomach

@specter I switched my Outlook to plain-text just to nip this in the bud forever. RIP to your HTML table you decided should be in an email, silly customers

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pretty much never do I want to paste with the original formatting :blobcatfluffangry:

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Do an image search for 'luna crypto tattoo' 😂 might as well get a Quibi tattoo while you're at it

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