Is Microsoft paying folks to make forms like this?? Please just use a regular ass text field. Please just say "Git repo". If they're not sending you some bath water or something you're just simp'ing Evilcorp here for no reason

If your NVMe drive mysteriously vanishes please note this is a new feature

3 times in 1 month.. rookie numbers!! For $150 a month i deserve to be DOS’d twice that much!!

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I ran out of beer but fiance keeps these skinny-can hard seltzer joints in the fridge... Had to hit 'em with the skinny coozie!! ❄️ 🍸

imagery of bare ass for some reason 

Was looking for a book on Telnet to try to wrap my pee pee brain around the options negotiation and this is what Amazon returned. I don't remember anything about THIS in RFC 854!!

what's the story with this mallard duck in the lower-left corner of my Mastodon window? I dig it 🦆

How to Use Mastodon: "It's pretty fucking simple." (video)

Similar to how one may choose between the predatory practices of the banking industry or to simply save their money with a local cooperative in a Credit Union, the decision may be made to host your data with known advertising predators or to choose a platform you can trust.

If you're looking for a home or pleasant entrypoint into The Fediverse, currently has capacity to accept more comrades! 🦆