The Amico has got to be the only system I’ve heard of that released launch titles but no console yet. What the eff

Software rant 

This is why I don't buy the whole Microsoft software is more popular because it's more user-friendly thing. I get this pop-up literally every time I close Excel. Idk what you wanna do with the memory, doesn't the OS just handle this? No other program has ever asked me this before

Interesting, it looks like `neofetch` was updated so the Fedora logo is more circular rather than elliptical!

I've never used dark theme in my life why does it turn dark grey on this one tab??

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I just noticed that Gnome makes my APC UPS show up like a laptop battery
(this was taken on my desktop)

I'd live in some place like this if I didn't require a high bandwidth internet connection to survive

You know what's even better than a Nest thermostat?? This:

Can I get a f in the chat for my prefix (f is short for fuck fysa)

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