Is there a reason there aren't many English-speaking PeerTube instances out there? Only ones I see seem to be private/don't allow registration.

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@swaggboi i noticed that too.
that’s why I prefer just posting the video file to my instance.

@JoYo Can we bribe hackers dot town to host one :psyduck: my bandwidth sucks here or I'd try it

@swaggboi I can’t federate with h.t rn, not sure why.

@swaggboi do you have documentation for that? I’m still not sure what that is.

@swaggboi hrm that looks like something they need to run

@JoYo The Goto folks gotta be on Fedi right? 🤔

Someone out there has either won this battle before or can at least confirm that it's not supported yet or something

@JoYo @OCRbot

that last bullet point I think is it, I think it's already "on"

OCR Output (chars: 513) 

Safety + security features

e Built-in, automatic support for secure HTTPS with Let's Encrypt.
e Strict privacy enforcement for posts and strict blocking logic.

e Import and export allow lists and deny lists. Subscribe to community-created block lists (think Ad blocker, but
for federation!).

e HTTP signature authentication: GoToSocial requires HTTP Signatures when sending and receiving messages,
to ensure that your messages can't be tampered with and your identity can't be forged.


Couldn't find any media.
Contact the admin ( for assistance.
For further information, check

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