Want an IRC bouncer solution? It's been brought to my attention if you sign up for Matrix you can just access Libera.Chat channels via their IRC bridge. The end result is basically you can access Libera.Chat channels via your Matrix server (whichever one you use) from a client on any of your devices. Also, I'm now on Matrix! I'm still kicking the tires and learning what's what but it seems like Federated chat like how Fedi is Federated social media.

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@swaggboi it's not really "federated chat" it's "replicated conversations". if you want "federated chat" there's xmpp. but it's a bit of a moot point because matrix can be used for "chat" if you just create a room and only add 1 person to it.

basically the whole point of matrix is "what if irc but it logged messages server-side on every single server that was participating", it's a storage thing not mainly a messaging thing

@swaggboi and this is the bit that's opinionated -- it's frankly overly complex and inefficient on the backend and in the protocol, the project as a whole seems to have more of a focus on trying to get features working than on trying to do things "right"

@trwnh I can only comment as a user but I found the sign up process more complicated than something like Mastodon. The configuration menu on my client has a bunch of stuff I don't really get, idk how much of that is Matrix or the client itself

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