shout out to the creator of Bash for making me Bash my Fucking Skull Into A Wall every time I read a script

i know I'm a moron with bash, but come ON there has got to be a better way to massage data than grep | awk | sed


@eletious Back when I was a log jockey it was all cut, awk and perl one-liners for me. The ones that seemed to have the easiest time with it were the awk hackers; I never got that good at it but I can tell you that it generally takes less awk than perl to do the same thing when it comes to mangling text files

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@swaggboi i may end up rewriting the script I've been working on entirely - I did look into the awk bits and found that awk is really powerful, though I'm a bit worried about scripting myself into an AWKward position 😏

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