My favorite 'regular ass people simp for evil corp' moment was when Intel dropped the creamy shit that was Pentium 4 and CHUDs were like "Well it's a fantastic chip, it's just that the software wasn't written for it!!" Yeah lol it's John Romero's fault my new $1,000 computer from the Circuit City can't run Quake II. Please sir, may I have more RAMBUS??

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@eletious Oh there was drama, culminating in the rise of the AMD Athlon! As I remember it, they released this chip that was crazy expensive and only took this expensive memory called RAMBUS. Benchmarks showed it lacking to the Penium III and the Athlon (which I believe was a Pentium III clone at that time or close to it). I'm not sure exactly what happened there but I think Intel thought we'd be so impressed by SSE and shit that we wouldn't notice the fact that it was a shit chip LOL idk

@swaggboi Holy shit - I knew about RAMBUS, and had a Pentium 4 with RIMMs as my daily driver for like 2 years. Had no idea it was The Expensive Ram Nobody Liked :O

@eletious Really? My buddy had a Pentium 4 and RAMBUS and I remember him being very disappointed, maybe it was the sticker shock idk

@swaggboi Yeah, I was using mine in 2015 so it was like "yeah this thing is a POS it's 10 years old, whatever, at least it runs Linux"

@swaggboi Dude for real. playing Ace of Spades and blasting VANTAGE// outta some old Harman Kardons... I thought it was all I would ever need :blobcatcomfcool:

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