disabled wifi on the new samsung fridge (just unplugged this guy, lucky guess). can’t figure out the stove cuz there’s no access panel that i can see on the back of the stove. i fucking hate living in the future

since this got boosted 🙏 if anyone happens to know about service manuals for appliances, lmk. i’m textin a buddy about this and now we just wanna kill it instead my backup plan (forever dhcp lease + block IP from pf.conf). even the manuals i can find online from samsung don’t mention the smart features, it seems to be more of a “don’t burn down your house idiot” thing 🧑‍🚒

@swaggboi why does it even have an internet connection??

Aren’t there still fridges and stoves without that dumbness?

@Byte i can’t fathom why 😅

these appliances came with the new place so i’ll be stuck with these i imagine for some time; as an added bonus i think there’s still covid related shortages too.

also we have a dishwasher that is samsung but no wifi. why fridge and stove can slide in the DMs but not dishwasher?? 😭

@swaggboi because dishwashers are slaves and internet connection is only for senior employees.


@chainofflowers @swaggboi @Byte
My dishwasher is pretty a junior itself, but it, at least, have the user option to soft disable it ( it has a name, Bob: ) ;)
Sadly, you pay a part of the price to have the drm "cassette", but you can use the device without it, or by hacking your own casette to "rewind" it :

@swaggboi very cool lucky hack!

wished i had this luck with my black box solar panel inverter. 🥺🤣

@swaggboi "smart oven" was the worst case future horror story people were telling a few years ago and apparently companies thought it was an instruction

@swaggboi think people are craving dumb devices, especially the techies aware of all the shit going on with this connectivity.

@swaggboi Also just don't connect your suspicious appliances to your WiFi, or it doesn't work without connection. You also have option to create a separate network without internet access for IoT devices using firewall zones on your router. I personally recommend this as best practice for all suspicious AKA proprietary IoT devices

@swaggboi damn smart tech over complicating everything that should've been kept simple in the first place. And there's no way to avoid smart fridges, stoves, tv's, toasters, shoe laces etc?

@Shredd_Tone @swaggboi

Did ya hear the one about the sneakers that got bricked by a firmware update? True story...

@float13 @swaggboi Wait! Smart sneakers are a thing? I was making that up, cause I thought it was Ridiculous

@swaggboi I really want a "dumb" appliance store. My fridge should keep things cold, my toaster warm things up, my printer put ink on thin slices of dead tree, and my TV show whatever video stream I send it. None of these need to reach out over the network. Please sell me well made, well functioning, single use devices, that serve their purpose well.

@pseudonym @swaggboi Regarding TVs, I went with a projector. Love the aesthetic! Its like being at a cinema!

Plus its got that benefit of only showing the images I send it through a VGA cable from my computer! No Internet required!

@alcinnz @swaggboi Good point. Considered that for my next TV, but I tend to ride things down the tech curve until they break, so possibly not for a while

@pseudonym @swaggboi Indeed, "dumb" devices can be the smartest devices! If I want to use a zigbee plug controller to turn on or off a dehumidifier, the dehumidifier had better not need me to poke an "on" button every time it's connected to power.

As to more complexity, sure, but give me an interface I can customise. I want a documented way to tell my washer/drier when to start, pause, stop using a microcontroller of my own (to optimise solar power use), instead of shelling out a fortune for some wifi enabled crap that'll break in a day.

#Solarpunk is appliances that default to simple and maintainable, but optionally go all the way up


Regarding machines that are turned on for a single "cycle" (like dishwashers): the way I schedule my dishwasher with a mechanical sequencer is that I switch the power off, set the sequencer in the "start" position and cause power to be reapplied at the time I want it to start. This suggests that another desirable property is that the state of the device is preserved across power failures.

BTW. "Cycle complete" notifications can be had by observing power draw. I haven't implemented that for my dishwasher, but am pretty sure it would be reliable (mostly due to the heater used for drying at the end).

@pseudonym @swaggboi

@pseudonym @swaggboi My coffee machine has a port where a separately sold wifi module can be installed. I have no idea why anyone would want it, but at least I'm not being made to pay for something I don't need.

@mansr @swaggboi so it can send error code 418, "I'm a tea pot" (real http error code)


Have you ever shopped Lehmans? Per my exceedingly-dated Whole Earth Catalogs say this is where the Amish shop for their appliances (I reckon they use the paper catalog)

@pseudonym @swaggboi In my area we have a "dumb" appliance store, it's the Habitat for Humanity ReStore.

Want a built-like-a-tank 1970s range, or an immortal 1990s microwave big enough to cook a turkey? They got you.

Only issue is they don't deliver… but I do like that place.

I did something similar to my smart TV a few months back. I don't need my TV being remotely bricked.


I've always thought this would be a great "repair" side business...

Someone I know was recently telling me about their wifi "smart" furnace... :blobfacepalm:

I also have to wonder though about the warranty or even liability implications of such a fix...

I also hate living in the future, I'm going to borrow that one...

@float13 Warranty be damned I say! You're probably right though, this is why we need right to repair laws. Also I didn't make up the 'I hate living in the future' line :joy: I can't remember where I heard it before but I just know I heard it before


Just particularly for gas related appliances or anything that can fail spectacularly... I wonder what the manufacturer would say at legitimate attempts to secure it (especially to deflect from the fact that it should probably never have been connected to the internet in the first place and doing so was really more of a marketing gimmick than anything else...)

@float13 @swaggboi

"Smart" gas meters.

Every time I think of them, I think of that grad student at U Hawaii. They never even found any identifiable PART of her forearm.

@publius @swaggboi

Holy shit. Did not know about this. So much going wrong there. what's up with people connecting everything to the damn internet 😆

it's come to a point where i'm surprised to see stuff that isn't connected.

did you know that the wifi (5G at least) is the same wavelength as microwaves
:TrollFace: definitely don't microwave your oven but it's just an interesting coincidence.

@swaggboi Write it up. There needs to be a directory of how to disable IoT stuff on appliances.

@drwho I basically just did lol... I can't find any reliable formal documentation but I found some internet threads on how to disable it like, the 'correct' not voiding warranty way and it didn't work (also found reddit threads of folks reporting the same story). I literally just pulled this plug out of desperation (none of the text stamped on the PCB made any sense to me, not a hardware person) then plugged the fridge in to test all the functionality. It make thing cold still, still make ice but no more wifi SSID comin out. I have no idea what this is or what I actually did. My buddy knows more about what is safe to fuck with and what isn't when it comes to capacitor this and that so if I can lure them over to my new place maybe I'll see if they can explain what's going on with this PCB then blog it

@swaggboi yeah... I blocked my Samsung TV from reaching the internet by filtering it's MAC address in my router. That thing used to be chatty AF and hammered my PiHole. Plus, image quality sucks badly. I think I won't buy anything else from Samsung. Ever.


What? Why does a fridge need WiFi? I'm quite bemused by that.

@mackaj @swaggboi It's to allow 'make sandwich' to work; without the wifi the host is unable to verify the ingredient availability.

@swaggboi I'd guess the board in the stove, if it's a "smart" one would be behind the control panel

Also, can you see what the main "smart" chip on there is? If it's an ESP or such you could probably flash a custom firmware and/or essentially root your fridge

Was there no other one available? Seems to me like there should be all kinds of refrigerators that don't have a Wi-Fi chip...

@swaggboi Stallman is not approving this :)
Why we need a fridge with Wi-Fi?
This article is pretty dumb.

@swaggboi Hello, yes unfortunately modern tech is getting less and less repairable, so your stove can easily have no access panels, etc. But, you didn't even mentioned the model of you stove, how can somebody help you with manual/repair guide ?

@iska This Samsung one does, it's currently broadcasting an SSID as an AP 🤦‍♂️

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