Copypasta predated Twitter and copypasta will outlive Twitter!! ✊

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@swaggboi wtf you copypasta this. you wouldn’t download pasta, would you?

@swaggboi also wtf when did the official app start blacking out screenshots? i had to open the url in firefox

@swaggboi twitter, i was testing screenshots to see if that was a gaping loophole for copy pasta. screenshot tweets are next.

@swaggboi @JoYo wait is this like an anti-NFT feature?! the Twitter engineers Tweet? They need this I think: :thisisfine: also to quit

@specter @JoYo Do you mean to tell me that this was to stop people from screenshot'ing NFTs? If so then I refuse to believe that we are living in this timeline.

@swaggboi @specter I switched to Twidere to screenshot the text I was trying to screenshot and haven’t switched back. I probably never will.

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