I could never realistically be a parent cuz I'd tell my kid shit like "What you score on this math test literally has no bearing on your hypothetical future career. Alright, have fun! Remember, if they try to send you to detention just walk out and skip the rest of the day lmao"

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@ilyess This probably just means there's something wrong with me head but tbh I think that's actually 'more correct' than all the bullshit we were told growing up 😅

@swaggboi As a parent this is exactly what I do. Doctor J says I have to go talk to the school if it ever becomes an issue but other than that it works out well.

@swaggboi That just sounds like good parenting practices.

@timorl @eletious lately I’ve been in a ‘just say the bad part aloud’ mood and idk why

@swaggboi @timorl Yeah, not a fan of eugenics but I wish people would try to develop some healthy expectations for their kids and themselves before deciding to have children

@eletious @timorl Ah yeah I should be more careful with how I said that... Eugenics def bad pseudoscience racist-dogwhistley bullshit 👎

>I wish people would try to develop some healthy expectations for their kids and themselves before deciding to have children

That's my biggest issue is like why are you training 7 year olds to be anxious about tests and shit? What are they supposed to learn from that?

governmental child abuse 

@dhfir @swaggboi and that's the horrible part

children have literally *negative* rights in our current society, it's appalling

as a child, your parents are socially forced to be authoritarian to you. If they aren't, you'll get put into an authoritarian institution.

@internetnerdgrl Haha surprisingly that's what this thread is tellin me! The wife and I aren't really into kids tbh I posted this just cuz I saw this FB post from one of my parent friends bout PLZ PRAY FOR MY BOY HE'S GOT A BIG TEST TODAY and I'm like just let the kid be 7 ya know? You get the rest of your life to be anxious about bullshit just go play or 'Roblox' or whatever the kids are doing nowadays and have FUN

@swaggboi Couldn't agree more! Never too early to teach kids that life is for living. I'm sure you will be a wise mentor to any friend with kids

@swaggboi @internetnerdgrl I mean Roblox is supposedly a capitalist hellscape with child labor and illegal jobs galore (there is video from "People make games" on yt on that) so maybe not that (maybe minecraft is okay? Wait, owned by MS, damn this is getting hard....)

@tenornix @swaggboi That video on Roblox is really great - it does seem to be a horrible window into web.3 for all of us... How about Pokemon? That's always great, zero problems in the pet fighting game...

@internetnerdgrl @tenornix Yeah I watched parts 1 and 2 of the Roblox video... Holy shit 🤦‍♂️With all of this 'think of the children!!' going around you think someone would like, stop that? </s>

Yes I'll go with Pokemon, idk how relevant that still is but I don't think Pikachu has done anything morally repugnant (yet)

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