I see people talk about the old meme where it's like "Oh you're good with computers? Can you fix my printer?"

For me it's more like:

"Oh you're good with computers? Can you do my taxes for me?"

"Oh you're good with computers? Can you review my resume and let me know what you think?"

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@swaggboi my family almost seems afraid to ask me for help.
I think they realized that I will take every opportunity to teach them more than they seem to want.
but yah, is pretty easy.

@JoYo My responses were literally:

"I hired someone to do my taxes, idk how to do them."

"I hired someone to write my resume, idk how to do them."

I think it's just a case of people not wanting to pay/do anything and/or think I can just magically do it for them for free because "computer", idk

@JoYo and it wasn't family that asked these things but even if it was...

"I just hired someone to do it; idk how to do it."

@swaggboi it sounds like they were just being an asshole.
that's why I usually resort to explaining to them exactly how they can do it themselves because if they were serious I may be helpful and if they are not they get to listen to me continue to explain how to do taxes for the next 5 minutes.
call them on their bluff.

@JoYo "First we must ask our selves, what is a tax? Citizens have been paying these compulsory financial charges dating as far back as 3000 BC in Ancient Egypt..."

@swaggboi yah just send me your w2s and 1098s and I'll make sure you're taken care of.
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