swagg boi's top two reasons a given individual won't run a Linux distro on their daily driver:

- gameing
- some Adobe program

We need something like Steam Proton for Adobe products 🤔

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@swaggboi In my experience, these are diversionary excuses. There's one reason a person doesn't run Linux: because they don't want to. If they wanted to run Linux, they'd run it and find a way to game and Adobe.

It's the same with people who swear they'll stop using Mac because of some recent UI change. They don't stop.
Even if Adobe released CS natively on Linux, a new excuse would pop up. There will always be an excuse, until someone wants to run Linux *anyway*.

@klaatu I reckon things would be different if the average user could go to Best Buy and just get some Linux computer that ran games and Adobe Acrobat; then they wouldn't really notice or care that it's Linux or Windows Starter RT 11 w/ extra OneDrive. Everyone I show some Linux distro to seems interested until they ask about their favorite game or goddamned Photoshop

@swaggboi I'm a little surprised about the games. I though Proton solved that problem. Then again I mostly play old games so what do I know. Then again again, I guess I'm not surprised: you give them a game running in Proton and suddenly it's not good enough because it's not native. Give them a native game and the mouse doesn't feel right. It's an endless trail of "yes but", and there's no way to win.

@klaatu yeah Proton is pretty solid now the only challenge I’ve had are games that insist on some annoying anti-cheat that won’t work with Proton (e.g. PSO2) 😡

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