Trump's new instance 

Just as with Gab a few years back, I'm already seeing the "C'mon guys let's not block them! Let's hear them out and engage in scholarly debate!" drones.

Hard pass. I don't log into Mastodon to debate motherfuckers. I'm here for memes and bitching about techmology amongst like-minded BOFHs.


Trump's new instance 

@swaggboi i haven't defederated anyone yet but mute has been effective.
im sure some instance will ruin that for me but not yet.

Trump's new instance 

@JoYo It's always someone with no profile pic starting trouble lol.

Idk if it's considered "defederating" but I used the block feature a lot in my early days on the Fediverse but now I think I've pretty much dialed-in a good view of the madness so I don't find myself needing to do that anymore. I consider it my uh, "content catering algorithm"

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