Interesting, it looks like `neofetch` was updated so the Fedora logo is more circular rather than elliptical!

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@swaggboi nice you don't extensively too much fiddle with (and break) GNOME :blobcatcooljazz:

@foreverxml Haha I had to remove my NetSpeed extension cuz Gnome 40 broke it, that was my only real "fiddling" I did. I would like it back just cuz I'm a network nerd!

Before I used Gnome on Fedora I used Xfce on Slackware and was real pleased with all my custom configs but after a while it got exhausting. I guess I just got old and bald and shit 😅

(Also Wayland is dope)

@swaggboi I use Tiling Assistant and Fuzzy App Search cause i cant spell and tile a lot

@foreverxml I use window tiling a bit so I'm gunna give Tiling Assistant a try at home. It'll take an act of Congress before I can install Gnome extensions at work so it might be sad if I end up loving it :psyduck:

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