Upgrading the stinkpad to Fedora 34 cuz I'm too excited to let it bake first... Vaya con dios


Update: Believe the hype... The old keyboard shortcuts still work but now there's touchpad gestures like macOS. If they refine the emacs input to be as good as macOS then like seriously Tim Apple should just stick to phones. I'm not doing my workstation yet just to let it bake but I mean it's a go.

My friend must've been saying "woops" cuz he realized he's missing out using Windows 10 still

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@eris Yep! With Wayland. Feel like I'm living life on the bleeding edge here :blobcatpeek:

@swaggboi Im still on 38 and I'm scared of what will break if I upgrade lol

@eris Same. Prior to Fedora I was running Slackware so normally I defer upgrading stuff in favor of stability. I'm going to kick the tires for a while before upgrading my workstation

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