Surprised but relieved to see that shell scripting is "one of the good ones" I guess?

(Basically every other language I enjoy has the popularity of Quibi :psyduck: )

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@swaggboi I really thought Dart died and yet it keeps showing up places

@specter @swaggboi i don't understand dart and my manager wants to save us from java with it

i'm scared

@eletious @specter Re: Ruby, I'm not terribly experienced with it (or programming in general) but I really like the syntax compared to other languages I played with. I feel like had I stuck with just Perl I never really would've understood objects to the degree I do now (i.e. just barely but gettin there). I've already had my share of bundler errors when it comes to Rails tutorials specifically 😅

As for Dart, I know nothing about it! Is it worth exploring?

@swaggboi @specter The best bundler error is when bundler can't install bundler :blobcatthinkingsmirk:

I honestly don't know if Dart is worth exploring. My manager seems to think so. Maybe I'll put something together with it on the side, let y'all know how it goes


@specter @swaggboi a real person that wants to actually use it?! I liked the little bit of Kotlin I wrote but also I'm very ignorant about the Java world.

@specter @swaggboi yeah he wants to do the frontend in Dart with Flutter. It seems like a good fit, but the Dart ecosystem is behind some kind of iron curtain and I have no idea how well it works or how much people use it

@swaggboi sad to see Ruby in the list of most dreaded, but i completely understand why - last time i wrote ruby code for a living my name on m.t was "Fistful of Bundler Errors"

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