Calling all Perl/Raku mongers! (long post) 

Tomorrow at 22:30 UTC (that's 17:30 EST) my local Perl users group,, are hosting (virtually via Jitsi) some Perl users from Paris ( The Jitsi link as at the top of our homepage:

Jean Forget, who also helped write a French translation of Damian Conway's venerable "Perl Best Practices", is presenting a talk on a Raku project he worked on regarding a kind of picture-book based game called "Ace of Aces" (as well as a general intro to their group Les Mongueurs de Perl which I'm told operates differently than a typical Perl Mongers group).

Also in attendance will be Laurent Rosenfeld whose excellent O'Reilly book "Think Perl6" (written prior to the name-change to Raku) I am currently reading as a gentle intro to the Raku language

Boosts welcome, would love to give these guys a decent sized audience as they're staying up real late to present this to us in the US 馃槄

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Calling all Perl/Raku mongers! (long post) 

One hour to go 鈱

Calling all Perl/Raku mongers! (long post) 

Sweet folks are starting to show up 馃槄 thanks Fediverse! And anyone else who is experiencing Perl/Raku induced FOMO are welcome to hop in late, virtual cyber door's always open

re: Calling all Perl/Raku mongers! (long post) 

@swaggboi bummed I missed this, I really like Raku and have read much of 'Think Perl6' (up until the parts I was too dumb for, having math education only up to Algebra 1)
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