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I noticed that Ruby support in OpenBSD is decent and TIL its maintainer is Jeremy Evans:

I think that's neat. Happy Friday everyone!

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everybody stop slacking me screenshots of your terminal output challenge 2021

The Amico has got to be the only system I’ve heard of that released launch titles but no console yet. What the eff

Any truth to the rumors that TF2 MvM servers out of Ashburn, VA are getting DOS'd?

Trump's new instance 

Just as with Gab a few years back, I'm already seeing the "C'mon guys let's not block them! Let's hear them out and engage in scholarly debate!" drones.

Hard pass. I don't log into Mastodon to debate motherfuckers. I'm here for memes and bitching about techmology amongst like-minded BOFHs.


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Checking if I had "Trump starting a Mastodon server" on my bingo card

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Controversial opinion about dark themes 

Still not a huge fan of dark themes, even at night. Maybe when being in the full dark, it looks fine, otherwise, I honestly have difficulties to understand how they help with "tired eyes".

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Software rant 

This is why I don't buy the whole Microsoft software is more popular because it's more user-friendly thing. I get this pop-up literally every time I close Excel. Idk what you wanna do with the memory, doesn't the OS just handle this? No other program has ever asked me this before

Oh I should probably disclose I stole this from the epic Twitter thread FYI

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Interesting, it looks like `neofetch` was updated so the Fedora logo is more circular rather than elliptical!

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I guess what I'm getting at is... MAKE FACEBOOK DOS'D AGAIN

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Just read in this Washington Post article on "how to quit Facebook" and it says that open-source social media doesn't exist.

The network effect is one hell of a drug. Like nobody wants to use $newPlatform because all their friends are on $badPlatform so no one ever actually takes advantage of $newPlatform which would attract the new users needed to... attract new users :psyduck:

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convenience is a luxury that capitalists treat like a right

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