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My grandparents took me to the "nine one one" memorial when I was in HS and kept calling it that, very loudly, an unreasonable amount of times while there. I didn't care to correct them but sometimes I worry they don't know when to put out the seasonal Jet Fuel candles I got them.

TIL neovim (since v0.5) has native LSP support! Wonder what that means for coc.vim.

biking intensely in smokey conditions is not great for the sinuses I guess

found out about that dead queen from a student screaming about it in the hallway...people are sad?

This ultra-small generator is highly portable and works even with shallow, slow moving water. Already tested with powering street lights, it promises to allow people in the world’s remote regions to generate their own electricity [source, full video:]

Sometimes hard to remember that a lot of people don't care about learning, because they're constantly in emergency mode.

Caddy in a VM 

Good chance I switch back to nginx and learn how to manage my own certs/certbot. Sorta defeats the whole point of Caddy but that's okay...tbh I'm trying to share the certs for a few different TLS implementations so it kinda makes more sense to independently manage them anyway.

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Caddy in a VM 

I would like a clear example of running Caddy with local TLS inside a VirtualBox on Win11 using Vagrant...mostly regarding the internal local CA and trusting between the host and guest, I think.

I don't know who needs to hear this, or whether you will connect this to human #society or not, but: Alpha wolves don't exist in #nature. Wolves in the wild do not have a caste system or defined social hierarchy. Rather everyone just pitches in however they can for the good of the pack.

The study that pioneered Alpha Pack Theory was flawed, has been thoroughly disproven, and the original author has even campaigned to let people know that he was mistaken.

#science #wolves #animals #politics

> Human beings need to choose to move forward. They may just not.

all these poor libertarians when they realize they just have a house full of resources and not a military secured bunker.

A bit hopeful between this and OpenSCAD I'll be good to design whevs. FreeCAD seems cool but I keep opening it and then getting overwhelmed with where to start and settings and all that

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cloudflare did the bare minimum, while still refusing to admit to being wrong and going "yeah we banned the nazi website but we feel bad about it :((( we still stand by our policy btw"

theyre trying hard to save what remains of their reputation but i feel like the most important thing to do now is to keep treating them the same way, as "that one neonazi dns website"

after all, they even said that nothing has changed and they still stand by what they said

The kiwifamrms thing is big enough that I heard about it from a reactionary...

are ya hungry? 🦆