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The whole you have to want to change thing really tangles souls up

Personal individual trust has been replaced with corporate trust.

We trust corporations to do what they say they're going to do more than we trust other people to.

and corporations have sucked up all the money, disempowering people from being able to act independently.

And anyone with money has it through being close with big corporations.

Hey! I'm looking for a freelance android app developer.

This is one of those things that it's impossible to effectively search for.

It's a fairly small project. I could probably have it done in a few weeks myself, but who has the time these days?

email self-host rambling 

I boosted a post recently from a veteran email self-hoster throwing in the towel because it's interesting and perhaps valuable insight but personally I haven't had any problems yet and I don't think I went in particularly knowledgeable or prepared. Definitely thought I'd have a lot more troubles with being the MX name. Besides bullshit client-side validation my bank is the only institution that filtered it out, even then I just had to ask about it and they fixed it.

I've done a lot to subdue the fear actually. Operations around here are a lot less haphazard and increasingly tested before deployed even. Still chaotic, but with a helmet on so to speak.

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Any contingency plans for Mastodon, a Rails app, for the upcoming rail workers strike??

Doing things on the server rn, hopefully this isn't the time I make a grave mistake and lose the instance. It doesn't feel likely but that's always my underlying fear.

"Seriously guys, get a room 😂"
Get a
room? In *today's* economy? You should really be more considerate of other's financial situation. Not everyone can just "get a room." 🙄

green flag from this nodejs project: officially only available through their CDN and /not/ npm

I think that MS dev getting so salty about VSCodium existing is reason enough to support VSCodium.

i don’t hate technology, i just think we shouldn’t force it on people who never asked for it

the world, both in the private and public sector and even socially, is becoming very in‌accessible to people without a recent android or apple phone. this MUST be stopped.

maybe not everyone wants to be a cyborg

tonight’s full moon, as seen from the front porch of this airbnb in Raleigh, NC

besides knowing extremely vaguely BTS through some podcast I would have had absolutely no idea wtf this gesture is I think

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I had not for a single second considered this could also be a cash gesture...but I guess I could see that now.

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are ya hungry? 🦆