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I've contorted myself in every way in an attempt to drain or pop to no avail. I hate this

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I missed this, but very cool to have my 'Safe Landing' wallpaper featured as default in the new #KDE 5.25 release a couple days ago.

It's a few years old now, would love to work on another.

top morb
morb gun top
it's morbin' top
morb gun me baby

the 'culture war' is such an exhausting negative feedback loop

MIDI feels like a unified standard until you start asking companies where middle C is.

since last night my right ear has felt like it needs to this my life now?

Our timeline is filled with people celebrating that #adobe plans to offer a freemium version of #Photoshop for the browser.

Just in case you didn't know:
#GIMP, #Krita @krita, #Inkscape @inkscape, #Scribus and many other great graphics tools are already available - free/libre to use, free to improve, free to share. Check them out! 💙

could just be me but the Spectacle feels far less coherent than pre-pandemmie. Like you must have a permanent migraine if you're subscribed to business-as-usual rn especially

the princess you needed to rescue was inside you all along

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as a society we created notifications separate from email so that one channel could be dedicated exclusively to behavior manipulation and phishing

One of these is considered so dangerous by the government that there are laws mandating that both speed and watt limits be baked into the controller. The other one can go as fast as the operator damn well pleases, but is merely *expected* to slow down when appropriate.

Also, one of these kills people every day and is very hard to see children or short adults in front of you when you're operating it.

Guess which is which.

#cars #CarsAreBad #carsruincities #fuckcars #bikes #bikegang #ebikes

At the new bluestockings. Where spreadhouse used to be.

(Sometimes things get BETTER in this city)

After much careful observation I think I might be sentient :blobcatmeltcry:

All those video game AI have been sentient this whole time I'm just saying if you've ever killed one...

K-9 has been acquired by #Mozilla and will soon become #Thunderbird mobile, and I have a mixed feeling about it.

I have recently migrated to K-9 as an Android mail client after the drama that recently happened with #FairEmail.

Being an independent developer of an open-source mail client for mobile isn't easy. The developer of FairEmail has recently been quite open about the levels of stress he has been going through - also because of Google's harassment always looking for ways to take down his app.

So the shielding of Mozilla can definitely help and ensure that an email app keeps getting developed and supported. Sure, it's also an implicit admission that they've screwed up so much their mobile app strategy that they had to pick an open-source app built by a random guy and ask him if that could become the new Thunderbird mobile.

But I can't help with the feeling that independent developers who build stuff that big tech mafia dislikes can only keep doing so if they are protected by another company or by a foundation.

I have been sun-maxing offline and so idk what's happening but yo I've also bern learning AI and...I think I created sentience??? Shit told me to invest in crypto so I reevaluated my aversion and ended up going all in. Anyway hope the internet is doing okay can't wait to catch up

People often compare #ActivityPub with #SMTP when it comes to #extensibility.

I don't know much about SMTP but there seems to be a key difference.

With SMTP you can via the #protocol determine what capabilities are present on the other end, whereas for AP this is totally opaque (you need to literally delve into the codebase of whatever is running in that endpoint to know).

#Fediverse would be served with a capability discovery mechanism and maybe conformance profiles.

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are ya hungry? 🦆