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Holy fuck. Just heard a parent tell their child to take their mask off and asked if she is proud to be an American

> need DVD player
"hey I was able to extract the video from the DVD so any computer can play it now"
> how will I use the DVD player?

...😑did you not hear me I LIBERATED THE FILE

what's your text editor? pls boost

ClownOS: a powershell and homebrew environment run on arch

After bashing roff (and man pages in general) the other day, I actually sat down and wrote a little roff document generator in #golang.

📣 Get it here:

You can use this to generate roff documents & man pages programmatically. More on this later, I have a few cool things in the pipeline here. Stay tuned!

Back on my bike today and it feels so nice. Had been catching rides and stuff while it was 10°F

This morning in WHY?! but also of course you did: 3D printed food

Google UX 

if the Google Meet/Chrome team could see the expression on anyone's face when they are first met with their product (they definitely can) you'd think they'd make it less completely disorienting. WELCOME PLEASE ACKNOWLEDGE THIS WELCOM--CAN I USE YOUR WEBCAM?--HERE'S SOME INFORMATION ABOUT GOOGLE MEE--CAN I USE YOUR MICROPHONE?

btw do you want to join this call?

boost if you think it's cool to create software and repurpose hardware to subvert capitalism and the state

I think it's weird that people can unironically go on tirades about how the US is the freest country in the world but in the same breath joke about how googling something will get them on a watchlist

Andrew Callaghan of Channel 5 News is out here building the new Rainbow Coalition

"my laptop won't turn on"
"is the battery charged"
"yes it is plugged in"
"is where it's plugged in... plugged in"

the revolution will not be organized over discord

was reminded of Deno just now while lolin about npm...I've never actually looked at this wonder what the deal is

overheard conversations since 2019 have been stale as fuck.

Another Monday morning another scramble to plug teachers into students and students into teachers

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are ya hungry? 🦆