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restarted dark souls yesterday in between plucking at react code. I chose to do both of these things because I love pain I guess

GraphQL, or how I like to call it gQuery...

dude at the gas station shared some compelling advice: don't get shot.

Spent the first half of my morning catching sun rays downtown on my bike and had several small conversations with friendly people also just vibing.

Then I ended up where the startups and marketing agencies fester and made the mistake of trying to read at the coffeeshop stuffed with businesses dorks yappin' at each other

fucked up that "crypto-fascist" will over the next few months take on a completely different meaning, and yet also, at the same time, exactly the same meaning

people refusing to work right now are the real heroes. I hope the labor shortage only becomes more of a problem for employers. Stay strong!

something about the orange PLA today just said fuck no I refuse. Had me totally stumped until I replaced the filament and the printer worked fine

you, the consumer, are the proletariat of the attention economy

you have nothing to lose but your feeds

Hell yeah from Blender to the real world. It's kinda too thicc but I really like the sheared indent

I'm not exactly pleased with the pinebook for inkscape. Seems like it should run more smoothly than it does...

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are ya hungry? 🦆