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if I was better with vimscript or had the energy to read the docs what I would make is an rg(1) + sk(1) that defaults to searching TODO and opens a buffer at the selected line. It's not difficult I just don't immediately know all the spells

I honestly didn't think the pinebook was sleeping when the lid shut because it wakes back up so quickly

made possible by the information liberator that released the source. but also peertube is probably better still

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I want Twitch to turn into a hydra that Amazon cannot control/own anymore

FOSS (Forced Open Source Software)

:pirate_flag: stolen from someone who didn't add alt text :pirate_flag:

thinking I'll just throw away my clothes and buy new ones like the CEO of Soylent

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every now and then I run out of clean clothes and then I have to laundry. shit sucks

found it. Not sure it would be worth it but I think everything one would need to host their own twitch is there

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but where I can I view/download the Twitch source code

you can visit the /about page on mastodon when you're logged in still I've just discovered

for some of y'all this is really super hard but maybe you can use your big fkn brains to focus on being NICE

#looptober day 7

thinking about: gospel, 3-part harmony, the times they are a changin', minor 6th chords.


Time for your corporate workplace team-building exercises! :)

*forms union*

No, not like that!

Ecology without class struggle is just gardening - Chico Mendes

@specter I had a wonderful first year of being radicalized!! 🦆

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are ya hungry? 🦆