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Ever think about all of those people that got away with it? every worker sabotage, every strike for climate, every person who took part in direct action against police violence. They didn't stick around to get arrested. They didn't leave manifestos. They just went quietly back into the night.

I think about that a lot, and how it's often absent from our oral histories of struggle.

"if one person doesn't want to
two people are not going to fight"

Occasionally I'll visit a Twitter link and remember instantly how absolutely terrible that culture is. Anyone still there needs to do some deep reflection. It's more excusable to have a Facebook

To no surprise really I use the .gmi format more than I do the protocol. However I do eventually plan on using the protocol more just after some other things I'm doing but also chaos rules

"I see everything with new beams
I do dream
My eyes are glowing mood rings
you're boring
Stop dueling with the truething
I do think
When you think too much
you're removing what's moving"


You owe no one your labor.
You owe no one your time.

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Here’s why we use h, j, k, l as motion keys in vi and vim: Bill Joy used an ADM-3A terminal, which (besides a 80x24 screen) had a keyboard that looked like this:

This is also where the “~” shortcut for “$HOME” comes from.

I do not trust these supply chains. Shit is precarious

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