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Array indexes should start at 1. Change my mind.

this pizza shop sells you uncooked pizza and once you bake it the flavor is amazing but why does it take 25 minutes to put a salad together

> Understanding things on a deeper level is much more rewarding and satisfying than doing a bunch of hacks.


Otherwise the protracted revolution in my heart has swelled and I'm currently dealing with the indigestion.

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Assume that at any given moment I feel immense embarrassment because I'm not living up to the extremely high standards I've set for myself.

do as I do as I say— or don't
my hope is simply not to contradict my words
to listen and grow
to know when to let go
to sustain, maintain and learn

In the IRL version of Civ America has been screaming about housing and amenities and turned barbarian many turns ago

I feel an obligation to post that I resist but would like to resolve indefinitely

If you're looking for a home or pleasant entrypoint into the fediverse we currently have capacity to accept more comrades. 🦆