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Sometimes I see Big depression on the internet and I remember but it's not relatable these days

Met Pascal for the first time today. What a chill otter :ms_cool_face:

I am happy to see drop XML feeds in favor of gemtext. I was sorta confused why XML was involved ever.

Apparently the toilet paper is looted again. I am aggressively nonplussed.

This morning I added a second room to my house for my studio. I'd been collecting the pieces for awhile now but it could use a better floor. :blobcatcomfymusic:

y'all ready for the Shark Boy and Lava Girl sequel?

mfers love using safety and security to sell you on some shit that's definitely exploiting your safety and security.

finally cleaned up my Animal Crossing island after neglecting it for a few months. I didn't find any sea monsters yet but I did meet Luna and that was trippy.

morning fedi :blobcatcoffee:

:disputed: sources claim the author of this post is out of coffee

It's not funny when the fediverse mocks Twitter.

:disputed: It is actually hysterical fuck big tech lmfao we have computers too

I'm reflecting on all the ways this pandemic has shed a bright light on the shitty people and feeling lucky to know the handful of good souls I get to call friends and family

Love how the default Teams backgrounds are a bunch of plain white apartments. This is what business professionals crave.

The beginning of the Bee Movie script is now available at gemini:// thanks to some stranger on :ms_cool:

> gemini:// and gopher:// URLs are now permitted for profile URLs
> URL must be a valid http or https URL


Whomst other fedi are playing or interested in playing ?

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