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If anyone wants the new Aesop Rock album GO BUY IT. If you want it for free though I'll send you my copy just message me :blobcatheadphones:

guess who is reading about ΓΔTΣχ this morning

Of all things to procrastinate coffee is not the best option

wrote a lil bash script to interact with the screeps API. Love writin' lil bash scripts :ms_technologist_t2:

>You play rap music to your daffodil.

we jammin' :ms_music_note:

As I click on the reader view in FireFox I mutter to myself "bootleg activated"

I plan to spend the evening working on my colony. We'll see how that goes

there's a global throttle so if you get a 44 wait a minute and try again gemini://

Learned how to accept input with so now my portal has UX! gemini://

I think the MAGA to leftist pipeline my have cracked open? Yes comrade, fuck the fed.

The liberals keep hollering in the park. They're literally howling for Biden.

How can I view stderr with journalctl? I've tried StandardError=inherit in the .service file to no avail :ms_gray_question_mark:

they'll be coming around the mail-ins when they come :blobcatgoogly: :blobcatpolicepeek:

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