@Lofenyy I call those rituals and think about them rhythmically!

love waking up on a Monday and dealing with CORs right away.


@specter I don't know that search is that important on Activity Pub though I wouldn't complain if it worked nice. I think the main use-case is to be social like a traditional pub, very loose. The better archival platform would be Gemini. The pieces are all there I agree, the mess (and fun!) is everyone tying them together differently. I feel like most of the work is in mentoring new people and fostering welcoming communities/servers.

HELP! The AstroBotany garden has neglected plants and you can help save them!


@lps I feel like so many people are working on alts! I have ideas too but I don't wanna reinvent the wheel when I could contribute. Been sorta paralyzed with where to start.

Good morning! Did you know you can have strong opinions on FOSS and computers and still be friendly and nice? :blobcatthinksmart:

Been playing Hades on the Switch as recommended by @candid :blobcatcomfygamer: super fun!

I would like a standalone daemon to run an activity pub server and a very minimal gemini-first frontend for that.

@toast almost certainly not. Without having seen it I'd venture to guess it nears poetry

You wouldn't start your up with /Bash/ would you? Just say :blobcatno: to

I'd like for my job to be to roast code bases. Please hire me to talk shit about your source.

Hopefully I don't get arrested for sharing this proprietary corporate code but lmfao how exhausting must it be to write your own entire adhoc GUI framework? The answer for these Go devs is: less exhausting than learning React.

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interview: what's the Big O of this for loop? how does the callstack work? do you know what a closure is?
job: the sole author of this codebase left in 2012 and we've almost figured out how it works, can you fix it?

I've seen JS written by Java developers, JS written by Python developers, JS written by Haskell and Ruby developers and now I've seen JS written by Go developers. My lessons in psycholinguistics continues...

holy fuck I just got an emergency broadcast message about this thing called COVID?? sounds bad stay safe everyon

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