It's almost like recruiters can smell I'm unemployed it's weird

And that's that! Diving right on into 3D print and cut next week

Last day of this school block. Gonna try and land smoothly!

@urusan I haven't really dug this direction but there's a VSCode plugin to tie it to the neovim backend directly...and also CoC.vim gives neovim all the good powers of VSCode so the two are very compatible. I use VSCode to teach HS kids cause it does surprisingly Just Work for the most part!

That's not how you spell it and he's not worth remembering just weird history

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remember when childish gambino referenced weave? Remember weave?

we can make it so free and the UX so smooth that those god damn data vampires can't compete

If youre a fan of collectibles in video games might I suggest going out in the woods trying to find ONE specific plant.

@InternetEh I saved up for my first car working at the grocery store and militantly eating just peanut butter and honey sandwiches until I had $3000

I was dedicated to my looptober streak right up until I went camping in the desert but I'll be back for the rest of the month likely

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are ya hungry? 🦆