Got a Brooks saddle for my bday, that's a luxurious ass present

@zwol bleck that really does sound annoying. maybe just quit lmfao

@zwol hm maybe actually it's not openssh but the same configs have worked for me

@zwol hm, I know nothing about Active Directory or Kerberos but the windows terminal with openssh is nice. Maybe you need something in ~/.ssh/config to point at that ticket?

I watched this video about Nathan Fielder's "The Rehearsal" and honestly my strongest take away was how silly a laptop body harness is...and how much I've wanted one since.

@enot I'm full of Windows knowledge unfortunately...I've tricked myself into liking it a little even...happy to attempt to answer any Qs related

The Zoom-ification of society has done numbers for unwittingly comedic content

@ckie I almost never know what note I'm hearing or playing. I pick a mode and then go up and down it. I think if I've just music theory'd right I've been using B Locrian?? more lately...starts on B and uses only white keys...HWWHWWW. But I am trying to get better about knowing what I'm playing

Pls boost for visibility

Are you optimistic about the future of your country?

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are ya hungry? 🦆