@mrpieceofwork ha just a name we came up with on the fly! ...much like the band and the song!


watching the creator clash VOD and thinking about how much I would absolutely hate being hit in the face but otherwise boxing seems kinda fun…but that’s like the whole point is to take hits to the face, just less than you throw your own. Maybe I’d be stupid enough to try one real fight after training but the weeks of recovery after would suckkkkkkk

@ischade I agree it is frustrating! It’s okay to be vulnerable especially now when it can bring solidarity and lead to mutual aid opportunities!

The first place in the second annual #FediVision Song Contest, with 11 votes, is...

Song: Se llama el fediverso !
Country: Le BIM !

Congratulations to @iloth

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@mux2000 the line always goes back up! it's simply a good time to invest :blobcatmeltcry:

people continue acting like recession is a maybe and hasn't been inevitable since the pandemic hit as if business-as-usual would not writhe desperately trying to hold on to "normal" until crisis boils over

@TQ wow thank you!!! :blobcatfakeverified: :blobcattoot: so happy you got this event going it's been so cool to see fedi have fun with it! @FediThing @eivind

Fedivision 2022: Unfuck This World 

The next fedivision entry is from Humanity's Decendents.

Song: Unfuck This World
Artist: @mux2000

If you wish to vote for this song, mention this account and write:
vote hdec

OK Se llama el fediverso! is fracking brilliant #Fedivision2022

Fedivision 2022: Go Try Reality 

The next fedivision entry is from The Commune of Bird Watchers.

Song: Go Try Reality
Artist: @eivind and @specter

If you wish to vote for this song, mention this account and write:
vote bird

Did you vote in the fedivision song contest?

(less than 6 hours left - closes 5pm UTC)

#fedipoll #poll #vote

Feather Wiki version 1.2.0 is now available! #Markdown support has been added, the looks have been spruced up, and there's a new domain:


That link has everything worth knowing about #FeatherWiki, so check it out! #wiki

Seems like the perception is that Mastodon is an inferior platform for creatives because it's less powerful as a promotional tool. But that risks reducing creative work to its commercial function. In many ways, Mastodon is better for discussing creative work.

Fedivision: Universal anthems & messages in a bottle 

These songs are genuine and contagious. They captivated me with their messages. Right on!!!

- Se llama el fediverso ! [LBIM] @iloth
- Timeline for Nothing (and your software’s Free) [SOMA] @mykd
- Big Tech (is a criminal offence) [TPIO] @topio
- I Was Here (Now I Disappear) [ACBC] @kawaiipunk
- Go Try Reality [BIRD] @eivind and @specter
- Unfuck This World [HDEC] @mux2000

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@swaggboi seemingly all existing options are geared/cultivated toward a 9-5 caffeine / work / drink / sleep grind set :blobcatupsidedown: :ms_decreasing_graph:


I will be listening and commenting on all 36 songs taking part in this year's contest. You can do the same at fedivision.party. Don't forget to follow the @fedivision bot for all the news, voting and results.


@rosa spring-like...think this is the first time in a decade+ or something snow has happened this late in May here

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