Indian Farmers really out here still. I seen Greta Thunberg even said she supports them despite receiving "hate" for it, which is v inspirational :comunismo:

the author of gmi2html reached out and inspired me to add a --body option and a stdio API to gmi-web to maximize versatility. Now you could shove it in scripts all kinds of ways :bash:

I play myself anytime I sit down to read here. My legs are dead asleep and what am I supposed to do about it?

morning fedi! it snowed last night so I've set my keyboard to "fire" mode to stay warm :blobcatcomfy:

How to Use Mastodon: "It's pretty fucking simple." (video)

Similar to how one may choose between the predatory practices of the banking industry or to simply save their money with a local cooperative in a Credit Union, the decision may be made to host your data with known advertising predators or to choose a platform you can trust.

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