Hopefully I don't get arrested for sharing this proprietary corporate code but lmfao how exhausting must it be to write your own entire adhoc GUI framework? The answer for these Go devs is: less exhausting than learning React.

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This morning I added a second room to my house for my studio. I'd been collecting the pieces for awhile now but it could use a better floor. :blobcatcomfymusic:

my mom: what are you doing with that plunger
me: listen worst case there's a few bucks behind here best case there's a drain that can lead Gooigi to one of the gems on this floor.

Luigi's Mansion 

tbh hate to be so cruel to my fav villain but had to save the homies

Luigi's Mansion 

This is my mood when I beat Luigi's Mansion and also received my OP-Z today πŸŽƒπŸ‘»

Luigi's Mansion 

off too the 8th floor for some more ghost smack down/cash grab collect-a-thon glory!

Luigi's Mansion 

Caught a few different boss ghosts now and rescued one of my Toad friends from my favorite one so far: this Moody Pianist

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