Wanted to share this song I made but it's a bigger file size than Mastodon likes so I'll try this. Can you play it? If so, what are your thoughts?

· · Web · 4 · 0 · 2 It plays for me and sounds pretty dope. There's a lot of stereophonic shit goin on I like that 🎵😑🎵

@swaggboi I blame ADHD but also God™ gave us two channels!

A recent post on here tho made me consider producing only in mono. That and also club speakers are mono...but also also Open Mike Eagle nailed it when he said "some songs just more for the headphones" lmao I wish you hadn't told me club speakers were mono... I guess it makes sense tho cuz I've been stuck standing next to one before

@swaggboi y'know that was devastating intel for me too. I should know better than to throw it around willy nilly.

I blame David Byrne's book about music which I didn't nearly finish but the first few chapter's were surprisingly influential.

Another bit about the rainforest species occupying their own frequencies also stuck with me...and the book suggests unused spectrums indicate extinct species which I've always since been dubious about but never dug deeper. idk dude trees have been around for a long ass time ya know? Like hundreds of years!! It's almost certain that there's more extinct trees than not currently extinct trees. That's why I refuse to 'burn tree' from now on it's just vaping for me

@specter I liked it a lot. Very nice work on the percussion. Interesting rhythm patterns, and the hard beats blend well with the soft background chords. I also like the chord progressions. If I were to change anything, it would be the sound of the melody voice. I think it's a bit too squeaky and abrupt. I believe a more flute- or woodwind-like sound, with slower note bends, would fit better. As a whole, the song sticks quickly, and that's a good sign. Well done!

@specter sounds awesome! Not sure in what context I’d play it, but enjoyable nevertheless

@blueberry ha! It is sorta contextless, maybe as the title screen for a game or something. Thanks for listening!

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