By "have” I mean it's always on in your house but I'm also curious if people use these things in any way they enjoy. They're basically free I think maybe because they are useless or at worst, a corporate spying conspiracy?

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@specter I'd rather program my own, or hack one together out of free (as in libre) software

@specter Personally I would never, but my other half thinks different. There is an Alexa in our house, which rarely gets used

@specter Technically I have a Google Home device, one of their stupid smart speakers. We only use it to setup smart lights in the Home app, which for some reason you can only do if you have some kind of hub.

I hate voice control in general because I'm basically a cranky old man, but my wife liked to use the smart speaker features, until she got sick of them randomly not working.

I keep meaning to replace the whole setup with Home Assistant, but I'm lazy and never get around to it.

@mux2000 @specter Same... Like it's 'easier' cuz now I have to talk to my thing instead of just pushing a button??

@swaggboi @specter I got Google assistant on my phone. In the rate case I need to talk to it, I got the option. Don't need another gadget.

@mux2000 yeah that's I think why they have to hand them out for free! They want everyone to have one but there's no appeal!!

@specter i wouldn't dare calling data biz a "conspiracy"

distributed, always on computing devices armed with microphones and cameras and controlled by suspicious global corps are 1984²

@specter I have HomePods, but have disable “Hey Siri” on all of them.

@specter i've got a ceiling light from xiaomi you can connect to the net and then program to light up at certain times (which could be very useful for me), but even that i didn't do because i want none of these corp e-cops in my home.

@specter I’ve got nest thermostat, I’m not getting out of bed to turn up the ac.

@specter I have the Freebox Delta one, but it always ignores me so I have no fear that it's stealing my data

@specter caveat : I use Free's own version. No way in hell will I activate Alexia

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