I feel like I don't see web developers on fedi anybody use/maybe even enjoy or ?

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@specter i do webdev professionally, i don't talk about it because i already spend 40h a week talking about it at work.

@xj9 yeah that's how I prefer to be as well... been thinking about starting a web app for fedi recently tho and have choice paralysis on starting cause I've just been rolling with what whatever gig I'm at throws at me

@xj9 @specter basically this, the last thing I wanna think/talk about is the thing I do at work all day.

That said I made a personal website at, I like making little simple-as-shit websites.

@hs0ucy what stack would you pick if you were starting a web app today?

@specter A web app or a web site? 😜

I'm not a fan of librairies like react, vue, angular, etc.

@hs0ucy I meant app yes. I have a stack I like for websites. I don't like frameworks either but if they reduced collaboration friction I'd still consider

@specter I do! Huge HTML/CSS fan here. There’s not as many web dev cats on here as I’d like but it’ll grow with time.

@specter :yayblob: I‘m pretty much only tooting in German but I enjoy reading about web dev stuff in English as well.

I used to mainly throw html/css at Wordpress in my last job. Still in love with html&css but not with WP and way too tiny websites.

That’s why I did a full stack web dev bootcamp focused on JS + some React and am now starting a frontend focused trainee position in August. I hope I can learn more about accessible web development along the way.

Looking forward to your toots :).

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