you've mixed capitalism with your anarchy there I think you must be incredibly confused.

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@specter Oh? What's that you say? Capitalism in your anarchism? Well, do I have a helicopter ride to sell you!
@specter In all seriousness, most anarchocapitalism is a very incoherent ideology, and I say this as something of a cryptolibertarian (right).

@allison cryptolibertarian, is that like cyberpunk exploitation?

@specter No not really. More the kind that actively fights against cyberpunk dystopia. If you want to find the, uh, dystopia is good actually people, you'd probably have better luck with certain brands of accelerationists.

@allison @specter oh man i havent thought about those groups of ppl since i left twitter

@allison @specter alli does kali/acc have a presence on the fediverse

@dogstar @allison I was just about to say I left Twitter when those folk started getting vocal. Glad we all agree here uh, dystopia not good :blobcatjustright:

@specter @allison i am certain those types of people are everywhere. i remember reading their writings since before i even joined twitter

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