I've been using for a few years now and I can safely say DO NOT use it. Fortunately I have my own domain 'cause otherwise I don't know how I'd switch off. They DO NOT support IMAP/POP and they DO NOT support forwarding emails to another address automatically. Just needed to get this off my chest.

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@specter Thank you for letting us know! I've always wondered about how these services hold up.

@Lofenyy I really wanted to like Proton but working around these two flaws is enough to be very annoying. I can't speak for other services. My plan is to make the perilous leap to a self-hosted solution soon.

@specter Let me know how it goes! I hear it's extremely difficult!

@specter did you try their bridge app? I found it a bit flakey but it works

@mmn I have and it does work but it's super inconvenient for me anyway. I'll likely end up using it to transition to a self-hosted solution unless it gives me any trouble on an Ubuntu 20.04 server

@specter never tried it on Ubuntu, but hold no hopes. If you go self hosted, and are your friends. It's what I use for my own self-hosted emails, and SpamHero strips your headers which is always good

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