my mom's husband: *opens my closed bedroom door then acts surprised that I'm on a call*
me (after the call): you need something?
him: I just remembered this is the one year anniversary of having a heart attack while shoveling the snow and at the hospital discovering I had a hernia.
me: ...
him: would you mind shoveling the driveway?

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not only had my grandma already shoveled half the driveway she also popped out of nowhere with a bowl of Blue Dream when I finished :blobcatfingerguns:

@specter > acts surprised that I'm on a call

yeah, my latest working theory is that some people (not toddlers) don't really think things happen (like work, or a life that exists separate from them) unless they see it for themselves. it doesn't matter how many times anyone tells them that some things happen; they have to see it somewhere to internalize it.

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