Before the pandemmie i was not organized but since then ive become closer with chaos, the true order.

What better news than beavers creating a wetland?

“… within a matter of months they have already transformed what was once a small stream into a bustling wetland thronging with life.”

#beavers #wetland #GoodNews #environment #nature #England

“That's just how it is” was never a satisfying answer to any question I asked as a child, because thought-terminating clichés don't work on a brain that doesn't ever terminate thoughts. I immediately turned to ‘why is it like that and why can't it be a different way?’

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obviously i dont think either word is “bad” I’m just astounded culturally

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on the radio a song saying “God damn” is censored but just the God part…

living in America is sorta like being perpetually locked in a quit-hitting-yourself bit

Tag! You just got Network Gnome'd. Pass this hyperlink to 10 of your favorite netizens or you'll have bad latency for the next 31536000 seconds!!

Oh no printer questions are on the rise again!!

"Nextcloud could easily become a drop-in replacement for the likes of either Google Workspace or Microsoft 365. I’ve been using Nextcloud since its early days and I am confident that just about anyone can benefit from this platform!" @jlwallen

Do you know of any games about managing the climate crisis?

what a profound blunder lmfaoooooooooo I would not have thought it possible until now

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lmfao accidentally routed all the email in the org to the new hire trying to do a fancy forwarding thing...just a few hours of silence...except for them

Sometimes I think about national politics and I'm like what a deeply terrible reality TV show with way too rabid a fan base sheesh

I think by October I may launch a new server for Email, Nextcloud (RSS, contacts, calendar and web mail (very minimal file storage)) and GoToSocial? Any domain name suggestions will be considered!

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are ya hungry? 🦆