Gmail will block all third party mail clients starting from June:

That is, unless they pay $4500 minimum for an audit :D

Stop using gmail and enabling their monopolistic practices, if you already haven't.

now that the latest round of everyone telling each other how to use this website is done it has settled into a pleasant new 'era' it feels like. I listened to a video this morning from a Tumblr-old and apparently they did the same thing after the Musk stuff.

Alright no CW for this one and i’m sure i’ll lose followers cuz this isnt ‘PC’ or a ‘popular opinion’ but fuck it, i’m just gunna rip off the fuckin bandaid and i’ll be that fucking asshole that says it:

We need to bring back rap songs where the whole song is just about some stupid dance they made up just for the song.

vivaldi thoughts 

okay now I'm using the "web panel" feature to nest next to the other bookmark, reading list, downloads, etc. pretty neat!

Was tempted to try the groupware stuff but it seems half-baked and I'm trying to stan Thunderbird...especially since the Android app is on the horizon

config files be like

* Allow me to infodump about every edge case I've
* ever encountered developing this software and how
* there are 4000 configuration variables
* and why you might need a few but really...
only_this_one: "is important tho"

paper straws be like
"wow this ALMOST works"

Several but unconfirmed sources seem to agree this was in pre-gentrification-devastation Oakland in 2013.
PDF thetransmetropolitanreview.fil version.

I'm sick of being around cars, having to hear cars, see cars, breathe their fumes, worry about getting hit by them, walk around parked cars when I wanna cross the street, hear people talk about cars, live in a city that's built around cars cars cars cars cars...

popular legitimacy is in fact very important for statecraft because in a real sense "the state" doesn't exist, it is only a collective delusion whose duties and roles are carried out by believers, or by people who participate only because of threats administered by believers. but if the ratios of belief, doubt, passive non-participation, evasion, and hostility change beyond a dynamic threshold, the whole collective delusion can fall apart

if we fork chromium and idk lightly skin it how much money would google pay us :blobcatdevil: for to be the default search engine still?

reminder that the economy is artificial and every death due to lack of housing, food, or medical care is an act of political violence

browser thoughts 

ultimately why I stopped using Edge on Windows is because of that dumb shit where each tab looks like a window when you alt + tab...maybe it's a toggle but I decided to move on

We are at 25 songs now! This means we'll have over 2 hours of music to listen to (with short breaks in between)! Woohoo!

Also, the announcement of the winner will have to be pushed back accordingly. #fedivision

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Covid tests 

Earlier on it made a bit more sense but like people get paid to work full time doing testing for covid to this day and I can't comprehend who the market is other than deranged business-as-usual crowd trying to travel to marketing meetings and/or blue collar antivaxxers sticking it to their employer "mandates" which ads up I suppose...but then there's the at-home tests which afaik are just pre-PCR screens basically so not very useful and yet still I relatively high demand? Idk surely there are reasons for people but am I missing something? Should I be testing like even at least once?? Figure I'll know if I ever get it :blobcatshrug:

Also wasn't testing supposed to be one part of the exposure notifications that are all now "dormant" on our phones...... Out here over thinking the last couple years to no avail.

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I'm genuinely curious what the desire is for covid testing/worried I've missed the point or am arrogant or something for never having one done or being interested?

> Woohoo! Your entry to the FediVision Song Contest has been successfully submitted!

:blobcatpiano: :blobcathyper:

pretty much never do I want to paste with the original formatting :blobcatfluffangry:

>> old cluster does not use data checksums but the new one does
> You have to initialize your new cluster with checksums disabled.


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