Truly melts my heart to see Pixel still loving her blankey like it's day one! So precious! :blobcatheart:

lmao Tesla DMCA'd a video on twitter of one of their cars trying to mow down pedestrians before the driver frantically stopped it from doing so

Turns out everyone in the building is using the same few WiFi channels too, finna transcend that noise

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workers of the world, untie

you have nothing to lose but your knots

Doing a much anticipated network upgrade tonight now that I've got my shit organized it was super simple to prep the router AND a pi hole which I'm excited to try!!

I get very lost inside OpenWrt, but less lost each time.

is it possible to stream but lowkey? I like the tinkerings of broadcasting and have some ideas but I don't wanna join a platform that is constantly trying to gamify the numbers and revenue. Maybe there's a cozy PeerTube instance somewhere?

I don't take breaks from work, work breaks into my life.

Thinking about how the whole idea of “alpha male” wolves is a myth, based off behaviour only exhibited in captivity. Also thinking about how capitalism & colonialism are effectively systems of captors and captives.

When not in captivity, violent struggles between wolves for dominance are rare or non existent. Meanwhile, the majority of people live in some kind of captivity. How does this change our behaviour? What would we be like if the majority were instead free?

Me: I want a computer interface that is functional, where I can get work done

Every techbro: All I got is computers that are optimized for looking pretty in an Apple-style keynote presentation or a Youtube demo video but they're actually kinda unusable

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@koakuma @specter I consume media quite a lot. It's not stressful and I can grasp weird expressions. But since I rarely touch traditional textbooks, I'm slow

@specter For me it's textbooks to build up basic grammar/vocabulary knowledge (personally I like the Teach Yourself series) and consuming lots of content to accustom myself to the language.

Probably not the fastest method but it's the one of the least stressful one for sure :02lurk:

@specter Pimsleur. You can usually find the full pimsleur course for most languages at most libraries.

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are ya hungry? 🦆