death and grief 

i'm sure i will figure things out but in the meantime i am grateful for the cat's ability to sense the dread i feel and her insistence to be touching at all times.

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death and grief 

ultimately, i have the tools and resources to find the answer because my job is to help others through the death and grief process, but now that i must help myself i am lost.

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death and grief 

how do you grieve for someone that is still alive but disappearing before your eyes?

Thoughts on race 

@swaggboi some white people def have brown nips

ive become obsessed with this show about people who just go survive in the arctic for 100 days and it’s incredible. i truly cannot imagine having such a will to live.

@eletious I have always felt that E. coli was my spirit animal 🧐

My favorite, random rdr2 npc says “sometimes I let my workers beat me, good for morale” and I really vibe with that sentiment.

My mom is complaining to me about how expensive her and my dads student loans are but then also tells me I’m an entitled brat when I bring up student loan forgiveness? :blobcatfakeverified:

I saw live music for the first time again last night and my soul feels renewed :blobcathyper:

my targeted ads have moved on from weed lingerie to actually v cute rings you can fidget with.

@eletious 👀 are you also putting off Arthur Morgan’s fate??

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are ya hungry? 🦆