in my professional opinion, if you ever feel dead inside you just need to buy a new plant! @plants

The amount of cat hair they’re going to have to dig out of my work laptop someday is truly astounding

Everything feels BAD so here’s something PRETTY to remind you that NOTHING MATTERS

this morning i am grateful for past cowboy baby who put the flannel sheets on so present cowboy baby can be cozy af on this chilly morn

A jeopardy contestant just said this is Eminem and I’m cackling. I can’t think of two people more different than jack white and eminem

✨Happy Samhain✨ from me & my spooky flavored kitty friend. The veil is thin today! Tell the moon she looks lovely, talk to a spirit, eat a pumpkin treat.

Me realizing signing up to work Halloween during a full moon AND day light savings is the biggest mistake I’ve ever made in my stupid life.

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