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why can i not replicate grandma's recipes? i followed the directions PRECISELY and it is still not right. is LOVE really an ingredient? :blobcatlove:

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Maybe this is somehow also a pyramid scheme like Quiznos was

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I’ve always been confused about how restaurants like Black Eyed Pea and other gross chains exist but especially right now. Who in their right mind is risking DEATH to go eat at a Black Eyed Pea????

Are these restaurants money laundering fronts?

Catch me vibing to Aesop in the baking aisle at the grocery store :blobcatcomfymusic:

I rly just want Nintendo to make playing games online with my friends ggez

will there ever be a game in which king zora doesn’t look fuckin ridiculous?

I am pretty sure Nintendo could make any Zelda themed game and I’d be happy with it

The part of my day where I cry in the scalding hot shower to cleanse myself of the covid I’ve endured for the last 12.5 hours is made significantly better by the fact that I can be stoned af while doing it again.

Everything feels BAD so here’s something PRETTY to remind you that NOTHING MATTERS

This is the last full lunar cycle of the year, which in my opinion makes it extra powerful. Use these next 30 days to reflect on the year as well. What worked for you? What are you choosing to leave behind?

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The self is a construct. If you don't like yourself? Make another.

🌘 🌑 Tomorrow is a new moon! Did you accomplish what you set out to in this last lunar cycle? What are you planning to work towards in the next 30 days?

it was not so much a conscious choice but yes, here we are

I wish I could express the extreme sadness and excitement I feel towards the fact that my days at the bedside are limited. Nothing like giving up on your dreams because you realize your dreams suck lel

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Friendly reminder that the PPE situation in the states is still hot garbage. I just got berated by my charge nurse because the mask I’ve been using for 3 weeks finally broke.

Hospital administrators would eat hEaLtHcArE hErOeS for breakfast if they could. That’s capitalism, baby!

not enough people talk about how fun splatoon 2 is lol :blobcatgamer:

do you think kid cudi knows how much he means to me?

I found a plant by the dumpster a couple months ago and I obviously took it because free plant BUT it has come to my attention that it has mealy bugs and now I understand why it was by the dumpster :blobcatcry2:

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