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apparently the FDA is coming to do an audit at work tomorrow and i've never been so grateful to work from home :')

ironically, one of the questions i get to discuss with my boss this month in our 1:1 is what would make me feel more valued?

idk dudes maybe pay me enough so i can afford to live in the city in which you require me to live. a wild and novel concept.

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that feeling when your landlord makes rent so astronomically high and now you have to move out :')

when can we begin eating the rich?

middle management, as a whole, are the most useless people on earth.


okay i lied this is a 10/10 experience after the autosave woes were overcome.

after an hour of running around adventuring last night i got got by some giants and remembered the autosave in skyrim is basically nonexistent unless you're going into the menu all the time. 0/10 experience thus far.

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i sure wish the neighbor would set an alarm for his laundry so that i wasn't always taking out slightly damp clothes from the dryer and putting them on the counter because i KNOW that shit is mildewy and needs to be rewashed but i'm simply not his mom.

nothing says fun like a mandatory work happy hour that i have to use PTO to not attend. :blobcatdunno:

there's a coroner's office i have to call pretty often for work and it's a 50/50 chance that their answering service answers "office of the corona" every time and it kills me.

got a phone call from a local food bank today so i answered it and it turns out the Colorado GOP is spoofing their number to show up as this food bank so they can troll for donations. feels like this is probably illegal?

i like to use my birthday as a kind of new years and make goals for the coming year but this year i'm having trouble coming up with any goal beyond survive the further decline of humanity :blobcatsadpats:


trying to wrap my head around the fact that life is so precious you must be forced to give birth, but not so precious that we need to change the rules surrounding guns so your forced birth child doesn't get gunned down at school. make it make sense.

i wish more foods came with a pickle on the side.

it is somehow already to the point of the year where it's too hot to sleep at night and i just...hate that.

the amount of time it takes for me to get used to the flip flopped buttons when switching between nintendo and playstation controllers is honestly embarrassing. and also fckin annoying.

i'm always so impressed when the cat wakes from a dead sleep to try to sneak a bite of whatever i'm eating. her nose is working OT.

i am interested in hearing anyone's insights/advice about ui/ux design. i'm desperate to make a move out of healthcare like yesterday. pls and ty

i restarted my island months ago but have recently been really getting back into ACNH so if you want to be my friend and trade fruits i wouldn't be upset.

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are ya hungry? 🦆