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ive become obsessed with this show about people who just go survive in the arctic for 100 days and it’s incredible. i truly cannot imagine having such a will to live.

My favorite, random rdr2 npc says “sometimes I let my workers beat me, good for morale” and I really vibe with that sentiment.

My mom is complaining to me about how expensive her and my dads student loans are but then also tells me I’m an entitled brat when I bring up student loan forgiveness? :blobcatfakeverified:

I saw live music for the first time again last night and my soul feels renewed :blobcathyper:

my targeted ads have moved on from weed lingerie to actually v cute rings you can fidget with.

The thing about replaying games is that when you know the end hurts your feelings you spend 60 hours playing poker to avoid moving towards that.

Bo Burnham didn’t have to go so hard on his Bezos song but he did and thus I’m constantly singing about him. I hate it.

Can’t decide if I should replay the Witcher or rdr2, which means I’ll probably just stare at my tv for 20 minutes and then ultimately play nothing.

Also that allegedly the city sent SOME people lead filters for the taps but not everyone got one. How did they decide who gets to be safe from the lead and who didn’t?

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I can’t stop thinking about how 3 years ago the City of Denver accidentally drilled into a pipe, oxidizing the lead in it and the mayor covered it up because it was an election year so now everyone in Denver just has lead in the water.

I just want to make it known that it’s fucked as hell how expensive it is to be a dead person

summer is nice because everyone moves and leaves a bunch of weird shit in the alley for me to take.

Turns out skating is a lot like riding a bike in that you don’t forget how to stay upright. Can’t wait till I have all my pads so I can really ball out on some tricks

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I got some cutie leopard print skates and I’m ready 2 roll to my death now

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are ya hungry? 🦆