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mental health, bleh 

nothing really says trauma bond like a bunch of people I worked with in New York last year all reaching out conveniently right now. it is both comforting and depressing to know there are others feeling this anxiety I’m feeling.

So many of her complaints were about liberals and being able to distinguish the difference between leftists and liberals was 🤯 for her

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Being able to find common ground with my maga mom might be the greatest accomplishment of my life 🤝

check out this bloom 

what a cone, how perfect

If you’ve got time to lean, you should do it. It’s like standing but with some of the advantages of lying down. I’m leaning right now. Tight

deep cleaned and rearranged and cleansed the whole apartment :red_candle: feeling much better about the space.

I just stumbled across some songs 16 year old me wrote and recorded in my bathtub (for the acoustics obvi) and I gotta say, I miss the drive and creativity of 16 year old me lol

Just dropped off two baby spider plants and two macrame hangers via the Underground Plant Exchange! It’s a forum site focused on giving houseplants to Black people. Here’s the link:

to be honest having a boss fight that leads into more fights without a save point between them is maybe one of the rudest things ffx has done to me so far.

everyday I become more convinced that someone’s human soul is trapped in my cats body

looking through childhood photos is so weird because i obviously know that kid is me but i have no memories of being that kid :blobcatupsidedown:

I am once again asking men I don’t know to stop calling me sweetheart and hun

speedrunning getting a headache by seeing how americans use the word socialism

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