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And I like starting sentences with and.
And I don't care if it's grammatically correct.
And grammar is malleable anyway.
And none of this means anything.
And none of it means anywhere.
And it makes less and less sense as we go.
And that's ok.

In totalitarian socialist countries, the government creates and distributes propaganda.

In totalitarian capitalist countries, big corporations create and distribute propaganda, and people willingly line up to pay for the privilege of watching it.

Source: Top Gun

Remember, if God exists, then this must be the best of all possible worlds. Draw your own conclusions.

What makes the original Rambo movie so good is that it's about a bunch of incompetent small town cops fucking around and finding out.

Corrupt cops in a modern action movies are the exception, the bad apple, the disgrace to the badge that the good cops inevitably bring to justice.

In Rambo they are portrayed like the petty tyrants they so often are. There's even one copy who voices objections to the flagrant abuses of power, only to be shut down by all the rest. Much more true to life.

Apparently hospitals have too many doors as well.

are ya hungry? 🦆