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DALL•E prompt: social security number of DALL•E developers

if i didn't reply to your text its because i exist within a chaotic maelstrom of ephemeral phenomena and sensory experiences where the only meaning or narrative continuity is that which arises in my own mind and also i forgot

@fuchsiashock Some of us are just trying to find an ethical replacement for bacon.

Compost the rich, I say. Then eat delicious veggies grown from the compost.

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I finally got access to DALL-E yesterday. I'm going to have fun with this.

I try not to judge a book by it's cover, but I will absolutely judge a literary magazine by it's website.

@specter Technically I have a Google Home device, one of their stupid smart speakers. We only use it to setup smart lights in the Home app, which for some reason you can only do if you have some kind of hub.

I hate voice control in general because I'm basically a cranky old man, but my wife liked to use the smart speaker features, until she got sick of them randomly not working.

I keep meaning to replace the whole setup with Home Assistant, but I'm lazy and never get around to it.

Dear imaginary friend,

How are you? What’s it like existing only in my imagination? Frightening I would guess. Sorry about that. If it’s any comfort, the real world is pretty terrifying as well.

@swaggboi The concept of a work/life balance implies that working is not living.

You know #superheroes ?

They're always bothered about stopping some bad guy or other but they never seem bothered about stopping all the really terrible things in the world.

It's almost as if superheroes are just part of the capitalist culture that enslaves us all. Alas, Mastodon only lets you add 4 poll options, else I might have added more.

I'm building my own CMS because I hate WordPress and I hate myself.

What is your retirement plan?

@swaggboi Hahaha, stupid kid, everyone knows chocolate milk comes from genetically engineered brown cows.

Chocolate milk is one of humanities greatest achievements.

A guy driving an unmarked van knocked on our door this afternoon offering a "good deal on crab meat."

Who buys seafood off of some rando from the back of a van?

We are all in the belly of the sarlacc, being slowly consumed until we die.

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are ya hungry? 🦆