We should all be working 4 days a week, and maybe 6 hours a day. That should be the standard.

What is the point of all the technology we've invented to make our lives easier and more productive if we don't use it to free ourselves up to spend more time enjoying life?

Instead, we just keep working ourselves to death and all the productivity gains are converted to higher profits that are all funneled to the wealthy.

@erellsworth I'd add to 'more time enjoying life', 'or doing things we find interesting or useful'.

@erellsworth Or worse: We use the improvements to create useless work. Like meetings that benefit nobody and nothing. Or additional workflows that are so vague and indeterministic that they can't be automated.

If we automated all the useless stuff, there would be enough work capacity for the important things: Teaching. Caring for the elderly. The sick. Saving the environment comes to mind.

@wakame @erellsworth i think you'd get along with Buckminster Fuller. He wanted to make better use out of everything so we could extend a high quality of life to all humans.

@erellsworth increasingly less people work ever more to make sure that increasingly less people don't have to work at all Think of the entire advertisement industry, literally just wasted man-hours

@himbeer My last job was for a "marketing agency." 9 months of my life wasted building useless crap.

@erellsworth “Rossum’s Universal Robots will produce so much wheat, so much cloth, so much everything that things will no longer have any value. Everyone will be able to take as much as he needs. There’ll be no more poverty. Yes, people will be out of work, but by then there’ll be no work left to be done. Everything will be done by living machines. People will do only what they enjoy. They will live only to perfect themselves.”
― Karel Čapek, R.U.R.

@samgai Instead we throw away the extra wheat and cloth in order to keep the prices up and profits flowing to the top.

@erellsworth plus maybe if the current employees of places could only work 4 days a week 6 hrs a day without overtime, the rest of us would be able to get jobs

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