are the worst and should be abolished thanks for coming to my TED talk

Why does every doctor's office have HGTV playing in the waiting room? Are they trying to make me sick so I get my money's worth?

US Politics 

I did a write up on my blog awhile ago about why I've chosen to use cloud storage over having in home NAS. But given the stance on abortion in the U.S. I've been considering moving off of my cloud storage and onto a home server.

I'm starting to wonder if everyone should consider the state in their threat model now. What if I had a medical document for my child in icloud that had a newly illegal procedure described in it. I've no doubt Apple, or any other company would turn that over

I'm going through old short stories and came across a word doc from 2012 titled "Zombie Sandwich." The contents of the file also contain only 2 words: "Zombie Sandwich."

I'm sure I thought I had a brilliant idea, but sure as hell don't remember what it was.

Stupid thought of the morning:

The song Mother, but instead of Glenn Danzig it's Forrest Gump.

Anyone out there like to read short fiction? If so, what publications? I'm specifically interested in sci-fi and fantasy.

Disney has always been a pioneer of animation. 2D animation, 3D animation, and of course their main business: animating the rotting corpse of your childhood so they can sell it back to you.

One is the loneliest number. That's right, numbers have feelings. Remember that next time you're chopping them up in your barbaric equations, you monster.

Alright, i gotta know: what are your top 3 love songs of all time

I asked DALL-E to generate an image of a superhero beating a homeless person with an American flag but it said that was a violation of their content policy.

DALL-E generated image of "cyborg Jesus eating fast food digital art"

If you have a blog, reply with a link so I can check it out.

@erellsworth “Rossum’s Universal Robots will produce so much wheat, so much cloth, so much everything that things will no longer have any value. Everyone will be able to take as much as he needs. There’ll be no more poverty. Yes, people will be out of work, but by then there’ll be no work left to be done. Everything will be done by living machines. People will do only what they enjoy. They will live only to perfect themselves.”
― Karel Čapek, R.U.R.

@erellsworth plus maybe if the current employees of places could only work 4 days a week 6 hrs a day without overtime, the rest of us would be able to get jobs

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