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If you or a loved one has been playing Monster Hunter, or is interested in playing Monster Hunter, you may be entitled to a hunting horn teammate

and he's aiming for sub 5 in the Rise Demo this week

new medication - 

so i realized that the meds feel good but just make me energized and manic. None of my work and notes from the last two weeks is better-organized than before, or higher quality than before, or higher quantity than before; I just don't feel guilty taking breaks or going down weird rabbit holes.

That's a good thing, but it's come at the cost of my sleep, which I have not done for more than 6 hours since I started. Not a great trade off

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> Posts generated by a Markov chain trained on the King James Bible, Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs, and some of Eric S. Raymond's writings

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let's settle this once and for all

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why get Sleep when you can take a 2 hour Short Rest, replenish spell slots equal to half your level, wake up in the dead of night, remember a deadline and work until 6am instead

i am going to day nap today lmao :psyduck:

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What are your favorite sins?

i think i'm going to spend some time this weekend looking into leftist orgs in my area... i can't imagine that nobody here has also thought 'man this world is fucked, we better get a bunch of people together and do good to promote class consciousness in the community'

i've lived here for way too long to have not looked more into this :cold_sweat:

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horse levels are 49% and rising

(49%) ■■■■□□□□□□

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I sent an extremely distraught email to the jesus toast guy, apparently the company that makes toasters with printable inserts (burntimpressions) has gone out of business because the guy running it just doesn't want to have a toaster business anymore which is completely fair but also now I'm living in a world where I might never be able to wake up in the morning and make toast with some stupid bullshit on it so where does that leave me


you ever decide to spend that extra half hour in the morning with your partner, and it's the one time something explodes at work and you completely miss every notification about it and log in an hour after someone else resolved the issue that you're definitely the established point of contact for

on an unrelated note, i think i'll update my resume today

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audio recently stopped working on my pixelbook... what's a shame. I'm not sure if a reinstall will work as intended.

maybe I'll try something else? Worst case I suppose i could go back to ChromeOS. Google bits aside, the experience was fairly clean, especially the Android integration, but... you know, eww 🤢

When I was working at a startup there was a woman who was getting pestered by Facebook, asking her to interview for a job there. After a few months she sent them a 3-paragraph email detailing why she wouldn't work at Facebook due to their shady business practices and poor treatment of women (which I was unaware of at the time) and copied the whole mobile development team on it

I aspire to keep that same energy in my own life

Ahh finally, the week is almost over! We did it!

not me panic-learning new software skills so I can get out of CI/CD hell

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The US military poisoned our Hawaiian water supply, still hasn't cleaned the jet fuel in our aquifer or shut down its tanks, and leaked MORE fuel a month ago.

TIL that people really don't like == in JavaScript

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