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If you or a loved one has been playing Monster Hunter, or is interested in playing Monster Hunter, you may be entitled to a hunting horn teammate

and he's aiming for sub 5 in the Rise Demo this week

in the southern hemisphere, Halloween happens in the spring time. wonder what that vibe is like

your mental health issues? no, comrade - OUR mental health issues :comunismo:

what absolute genius thought "if i put peanut butter on one bread, and jelly on another, it will make the most delicious sandwich known to mankind"

asking so i can place flowers on their grave, kudos you goddamn mastermind

i got excited over dailynotes and then realized it wouldn't run on my pi :blobcatcomftears:


sdkmanager is the best

unlike other package managers, it installs things wherever the fuck it likes

great stuff



i am not ready for this week

I've been playing no mans sky nonstop for about 3 days now and it might as well be my new job, my job is flying around and picking up crashed ships, hitting em with some turtle wax, and selling them in a parking lot with big number stickers on the cockpit

The headache caused by not letting your hair down for 2 days and then letting it down is so odd

I know what it's from, but my brain literally cannot pinpoint where it's coming from, so my instinct is to randomly press different spots on the back of my head until it feels better

I'm convinced that blueberries are just spiteful little plums that never grew very big and are angry about it

checking in and dipping out of a startup ex-employee reunion at the speed of light

I'll be honest, previously my impression of System of a Down fans was "damn, when he said 'bounce pogo pogo pogo pogo pogo pogo pogo' i really felt that"

now it's more "damn, when he said 'bounce pogo pogo pogo pogo pogo pogo pogo' it was a much needed respite from the fetishized agony presented by everything else they wrote," and I guess I gotta respect 'em for it

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Every now and then I listen to an album that I completely missed, and today's was System of a Down's Toxicity... Maybe not a regular listen, but I do wonder how Toxicity and Chop Suey are the only two songs I've ever heard before today. This album feels like the holistic experience of burning your hands on a hot pan and then running them under cold water, but for a solid 70% of the album, its in a good way.

man i sure am glad that instead of neon lights we all have LED bars

could you IMAGINE

writing technical documentation for non-technical users is a lot easier if you do it in Cave Johnson's voice for the first draft

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are ya hungry? 🦆