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If you or a loved one has been playing Monster Hunter, or is interested in playing Monster Hunter, you may be entitled to a hunting horn teammate

and he's aiming for sub 5 in the Rise Demo this week

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monster hunter poll 

what is the most fun weapon other than hunting horn?

monster hunter poll 

I am pretty sure I didn't vote on this, but that's what I would've picked anyways, so... good taste, stranger

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oh no, I've been tricked into going outside today

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the reason i ask is because i feel guilty, the poor virtual animals only want to do attacks, but the horn's percussive therapy is too effective and they fall asleep

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monster hunter poll 

what is the most fun weapon other than hunting horn?

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Today's vibe: marking approximately 3,000 emails as read

I often wonder if understanding and working in manufacturing or fabrication would be more useful to society (and by extension, better for my mental health) than software.

Like, if the world turns upside down, nobody's going to need my extensive knowledge on build tool lifecycles. They're going to need knowledge on how to recycle scrap, and shape steel, and make things - and how to make the things that make things.

unfortunately, I have no idea what you'd even call that :blobcatthinkingeyes:

what if we reproduced the entire stack required for dial-up BBSes with cell phones just to fuck with people who watch what we do with communications infrastructure

i wish there was a way to make audio shitposts on mastodon

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@eletious Kinda preferred working nights to days personally

Good morning, or afternoon, or evening, or inescapable darkness time

Another fulfilling day at Google, filtering through 800,000 recordings of children mispronouncing Youtube channel names into their phones

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thinking about how much work must have gone into making Siri, Assistant, etc work when children who cannot pronounce the word "pasta" use them

if IKEA designed a cake it would be lasagna

I wanted to work during the daytime this week, but due to the unforseen arrival of a birthday I am rescheduling work for Night Time

forgiveness is cheap; restitution is expensive

do you guys remember when infowarriors thought "yes we can" backwards was "thank you satan"

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doot doot your vision is now obscured by my cool music staff effect

good thing you've got your view distance set to far right?


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How to Use Mastodon: "It's pretty fucking simple." (video)

Similar to how one may choose between the predatory practices of the banking industry or to simply save their money with a local cooperative in a Credit Union, the decision may be made to host your data with known advertising predators or to choose a platform you can trust.

If you're looking for a home or pleasant entrypoint into The Fediverse, currently has capacity to accept more comrades! 🦆