i've got a pretty strict rule at home: my ferrets Shall Not enter my bedroom, as it it carpeted and they will tear up the carpet

but yesterday, the oldest got in, and honestly he was so happy to be in there. might start letting him in more, its great watching him jump around and fluff up when he's excited

gotta keep an eye on him still, but that's not a huge problem since he's so damn cute :blobcatshrug:

writing code that writes code, because i live in a rube goldberg machine

it has finally frosted oustide, which means that Maximum Coziness is now achievable :blobcatcomfeyes:

hmmm... my webdev skills are basically nonexistent, but does fuckjeffbezos.com have an adsense tracker in the header of an empty page?

You ever look at someone's GTK setup and go "wow that looks like how computers are supposed to look, it really looks like A Window that stands out from the desktop and not just some boring rectangle with buttons on it"

Anyway Castor looks kinda cool

mh - 

i am so tired of this week

election drama has got me way down, and i've been working on building a weird thing and it just is not clicking, and honestly i just want to sleep all day today

i'm calling dibs on the post-fascism meathook

it's mine, i called it


when this shit's over Ronald McDonald and Mayor McCheese better get fuckin' arrested

i'm gonna be honest, i thought in Let It Die you play as the skeleton dude, and you don't, which is... total and complete horse shit, i don't want to punch people with power tools, i wanna ride a skateboard and decapitate the SYSTEM

Okay, so like... how do we actually change the way people think about government, and communities, and businesses, and other people, when they think solely in terms of power and refuse to look at the bigger picture?

TIL that geologists arent allowed to go into ice caves in the sides of dormant volcanoes, but they used to be allowed to do that.

come on coach, let 'em play


also the police oversight board thing won with over 80% of the vote.

That's a huge ACAB vote.

is my brain stupid? uspol 

hear me out - everyone stops paying their taxes so that the government is forced to tax the rich

ORpol, drug 

to clarify my earlier point - psilocybin is actually legalized in Oregon, and you'll be able to get a license to sell it to people 21+

uspol, drugs 

hey yall oregon just decriminalized everything and voted to start the psilocybin trials

Here's the really bitter pill we need to swallow to start moving past monopolistic capitalism: there is no replacement for Amazon, Github, Twitch, and Google. Period.

Their ease and usability are the result of monopolistic privilege.

The things they do are technically, logistically impossible without a trillion dollar mega-corp doing them. For the average use-case, your QoL will drop, significantly, moving to a smaller or self-hosted solution.

You need to accept that, and do it anyway.


the best part of custom automated callouts is making them cowboy things, like yelling "YEEHAW!" every time you mount a monster like it's a rodeo

real - question, uspol 

so like - if we lose whats the game plan, do we just gtfo to sane parts of the world or stay here and try and convince people that actual fascism is bad

its nice that theres a video game where i can say "tobey maguire" and everyone knows what i mean

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