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If you or a loved one has been playing Monster Hunter, or is interested in playing Monster Hunter, you may be entitled to a hunting horn teammate

and he's aiming for sub 5 in the Rise Demo this week

picard voice 

to be a completely yoked gorilla, and have your banana hoard stolen by a crocodile . . .

do you think, in The Avatar, there's a Bear Grylls who bends piss directly into his mouth

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I left a comment on the video like "yeah Jenkins sucks" and he was like "yeah i don't like working with it it's really frustrating and i got a new job doing Not That"

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The guy who I learned Jenkins tricks from on YouTube recently made a video saying that he doesn't like Jenkins and that he's going to go do something else now

honestly I'm happy for him. he got out lmao

been playing with IaC stuff lately and let me tell you, if i never touch a fucking Jenkinsfile again and only do this for the rest of my career I might actually be happy

any good resources for refreshing my EE knowledge? I found my old multimeter and want to make a wiring diagram for this keyboard but i can't tell what orientation this chip is in

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I didn't realise that I had been looking for a word that encapsulates the crappiness of our present times, but one of my co-workers has supplied me with it, by accident, and what a gift it is. I present to you: shitegeist, as in "I feel so in touch with the shitegeist."


has anyone run a kobold/goblin game? i feel like it would be extremely fun

moving is bad 

got a storage unit today

it feels bad, but maybe because i am so tired of moving and reorganizing and picking stuff up and reorganizing again and driving 3 hours to deliver furniture to family and then reorganizing again and then unpacking and reorganizing and then picking up mail from the old place and then picking up our shreddables and then reorganizing and then

boosts welcome, there is a debate to be settled that can only be settled via community participation

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Alright, i gotta know: what are your top 3 love songs of all time

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there are some insanely prolific artists out here though. Some have tags from Salem all the way up to Seattle, and probably even further out than that

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are ya hungry? 🦆