my mom works at a covid testing sight and every week for the past few she has told me more urgently how the numbers are rising.


high key teaching the new dev to slack off. They are completely reliant on the quarantined VMs and is stressed about what to say for scrum tomorrow. I was like yo just say you're blocked and enjoy the day off

some people who hate cops log on and start policing


me: Windows cripples me I want Linux
every. single. coworker: WSL2???


This season on Global Pandemic: will it finally kill all the idiots and how will the survivors deal with their collapsing environment and society as they manage fresh trauma? Stay tuned to find out!


Like it's unbelievable how casually they said "You lost all the data on that VM."

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It's stupid how much better my quality of life would be if I could use Linux instead of Windows at work.

Extra fun is that today there's a security threat and they quarantined the Linux VM they gave me and it's likely I'll lose all the data on it! It's honestly a stroke of luck I wasn't doing my latest work there.

actually, mastodon is the name of the band. you mean mastodon's monster


I have not been missed as far as I can tell but they keep scheduling meetings at 8am and idk that's sociopathic I think. I'm not ready to even look at a calendar until 9 at the earliest.

the fire nation attacked when finance-brains broke bread with the computer-brains

only thing I haven't scrub from the internet is my old tumblr because I locked myself out permanently which I think is kinda fun

thousands of white dudes started a podcast /today/ by hitting record and speaking whatever they have on their mind directly into a mic.

rn the vision is to be able to hook into any masto server, with the option to fully replace the backend. Hopefully by not changing too much about the API or database

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been plucking around with the masto API. Kinda aiming to write a whole new frontend but also yeeting the ruby shit eventually

think eOS is gnome and if so it's ugly and not particularly useful

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are ya hungry? 🦆