I'll probably do it tonight if there are no objections

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I've gotta shutdown mastodon on this server to deduplicate the database docs.joinmastodon.org/admin/tr I don't think it'll take too long but uh this is a heads up. If you have anytime you really do not want to be offline let me know!

I do not care if you're derpin I deeply respect that actually. It's the derps that wanna act like derpin is a God given right and turn it into a politically righteous ethos that I find obnoxious. And when it comes to the parasites that manipulate the zealous derps, well they can catch these fkn hands.

We should all aspire to derp sans conviction and coercion! :blobcatgoogly:

If you needed a Marxist reason to be thrifty consider that commodities are only sold for their exchange-value— generations worth of use-value is out there waiting to be fulfilled!


I understand not-Trump is relieving but to let that bleed into pro-Biden is naïve and I'm sorry to anyone duped by the spectacle :blobcatdead:

Instead of working today I made a thing to download all the images from simpledesktops.com codeberg.org/talon/simple-desk

Just installed the Calibre Anarchist Library Plugin. Calibre is super unruly but once you wrangle it very nice! bookshelf.theanarchistlibrary.

covid, cuba, vaccine 

> Dr Vérez said the aim was to launch a vaccination campaign in the first half of the year, and it could also be offered as an “option” to tourists. - euronews.com/2021/01/21/cuba-a

Better start planning my Cuban vacation. Finna get me some of that Soberana 2

Or I guess setup a new utility sorta analogous to credit unions vs banks. Local data coops vs cloud monoliths.

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So yesterday I hung out with two McDonald's employees and got the official inside scoop. Those ice cream machines are programmed to signal for cleaning several times throughout the day, if they say it's broken it's because they are spread so thin that nobody has the time to clean it!

Sometimes I think "fuck I way over committed at standup" when it's after lunch and I still have work to do.

Setup infrastructure in every library and provide free Email/Gemini/ActivityPub hosting for all members

My open call to anyone who feels angry is to ask yourself why and if it is worth it. The answer should be yes— but the proper kind of angry takes introspection and discipline. Imagine the kind of magic you could conjure from the True source of your power! Anyway I guess what I'm trying to say is fuck the police :acab:

If you were looking for a mantra how about "pursue happiness with diligence" youtube.com/watch?v=HC8sTQ0sIF

Catch me vibin to the Cuphead soundtrack heavy :blobcatcooljazz:

This whack-a-mole game that institutions with way too much power are playing with domestic terrorists seems to be enlightening the general population about decentralization/encryption, including the terrorists who are getting better at OpSec with each whack. Is this the digital cold war?

Fam wanted to play Cards Against Humanity Sunday so I'm gonna see tomorrow how much the local print shop will charge to print it! cardsagainsthumanity.com/

The Labor Theory of Value reaches a point of poeticism, I think, once it begins breaking down how labor is poured into a tool by its creator and poured back out over its life into the things it creates. It gives an ancestral spirit to everything which makes aging feel meaningful.

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