making Vodka Sauce and drinking the vodka.

Catch me perpetually pissed off at everyone running towards their 'return to normal'

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I think then maybe there's a neat integration path between email/gemini and activity pub instead of running mastodon. But also that seems more like optional icing on the protocol cake

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Gonna lock down the whole email thing, optimize it for Delta Chat then shift focus back to Gemini for a bit. I would like to add the ability to serve a capsule to gmi-web.


They make this big fuss about the end of these planning cycles and today is the end of one so everyone is clambering to close out tickets and resolve shit and I'm clambering to ghost the company for 48 hours 'cause fuck that noise.


I forgot about content warnings until just now I think because I have them auto-expand. This will make me feel better about my salty posts :ms_laughing:

If I have to be up this early and pressured to think about dumb shit I gotta at least vent about it to the void.

The amount of preparation I have to do in order to write a tiny little bit of JavaScript for work is not time theft, actually. Unless you're not my boss and then of course it is I'm not a fkn scab.

I mean I guess I can cause I have projects I think about but the conversations I have to listen to are mostly just the 'product owners' reorganizing tickets—so diligent they are at vicarious.

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These people really be ready to rock first thing on a Monday morning like they were thinking about work yesterday during dinner. Cannot relate.

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Someone in the #gemini Matrix room just posted this: it's a fantastic 'getting started' intro for non-tech people.

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Google Chrome is now officially adware.

Anti-virus programs should start tagging it as such.

#FLoC #GoogleChrome #SurveillanceCapitalism

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every so often i remember that time skate god rodney mullen compared linux to street skating

There was a discussion on about how PeerTube is inherently doomed by the astronomical costs of hosting video which has only further solidified my belief in the ephemeral.

the thing about is that there should be many and more of them should be run by not-asshats

Fuck Bill Gates. Bill Gates can catch these hands.

I've tangentially gone to the baseball game today by biking around the stadium and then getting a brat nearby.

They're following the exact same template for RhiNo in Denver as Brooklyn in NYC

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How to Use Mastodon: "It's pretty fucking simple." (video)

Similar to how one may choose between the predatory practices of the banking industry or to simply save their money with a local cooperative in a Credit Union, the decision may be made to host your data with known advertising predators or to choose a platform you can trust.

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